3 Important things that lead to Success – By MGA Brown

There are 3 Important things that lead to success
1. You must know what you want
2. You must think about and see a clear picture of what you want.
3. You must have faith in your abilities backed by determination.

So lets look at these 3 points in more detail

1. You must know what you want.
Success always starts from knowing what you want, it has been found that people who become successful know what they want. To look at it another way is to have a burning passionate desire, this will drive you to take the positive action to achieve your desire. Your goal has to be very clear; it has to be specific for example if you said I would like to have a lot of money that would not be specific. But if you said that I want to have £100,000 that would be specific. And this means you can also measure when you have achieved your goal of having £100,000. But it is important that you give yourself a date when you want to attain the money by, and this needs to be realistic and attainable.

2. You must think about and see a clear picture of what you want.
You have to have a clear picture of what the achieved desire or goal will look like. For example if you wanted a home, it would be important to know the details of the home that you desire. If you were to go to an architect and ask them to design you a home, you would need to tell the architect all the things that you want in the home. Once the details have been given to the architect, he or she would then be able to produce a drawing of the home that you desire.

Once you have a clear picture of what your success will look like then you have to ensure that you think about it strongly, this could be done my auto-suggestion, where you write down and read what is your desire and what you are prepared to give for it and think about it everyday. The important thing is that you need to take action to move closer to achieving it.

It is important to have a clear plan of how you intend to set out to achieve your desire. I would say that the better that you make your plans the better your chances of achieving your desire.  And if you fail in your attempts it is important to learn from the mistakes, and try again, and keep trying until you succeed to achieve your desire. I think it is advisable to seek a desire that could not cause harm to others.

3. You must have faith in your abilities backed by determination.
You have to have faith in your abilities that you will achieve your desire or goal, it has been seen that people who have achieved success have complete faith that they will achieve it. It has been seen that people have been healed because they have faith in the tablets that the doctor has given them. It is very important the thoughts that we allow in our minds, because it has been found that a healthy person can end up becoming ill if they believe that they are ill. That is why it is very important that we think of what we want and not what we do not want. That is why if a person is in debt, if they are just thinking about the debt then they end up in more debt, but if they instead think of solutions and abundance then they have a better chance of finding solutions to overcome the debt.

It is very important to have faith in your abilities to achieve your desires and be determined to keep trying until you have achieved your desire. It has been found that people who are successful do not give up because of failed attempts, but keep on trying until they succeed, and it is very important to work in harmony with other people.  When we work in harmony with other people we are able to achieve a lot more in a shorter time. The best leaders know how to inspire their people to work together in harmony to achieve their goals.

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Achievement – Man’s Desire to Succeed in Life

Greater Capacity in Your Mind

The desire to succeed would seem to be one of the drivers of mankind. If you look at history you could see that in a short period of time many advances seem to have been made. But even through we have made so many great advances we still would mot be able to build great monuments as the Great Pyramids. Even with today’s technologies many of the experts can not work out how they were built, did the people who lived those many years ago have the ability to achieve feats that we could only dream of? So a good question could be, do we have unlimited capacity to achieve much greater things in our minds?

The Power of the Mind

It has been said that success starts by having a desire, and all things that are created by mankind began in someone’s mind. This could suggest that you have within you the potential to achieve much more than you may imagine possible, it could be the case that you have great creative capabilities waiting to be released. So what would you need to do in-order to achieve and excel in many areas of your life? Is there laws or principles that can allow you to release the power that is within your mind?

Search for Laws and Principles

If we consider that electricity was always available throughout history, but it was not until mankind gained an understanding the laws that govern it were we able to get the benefits of electricity. Indeed once you are able to have a clear understanding of the law that govern aspects of life, you are able to use those laws to bring advances in your life. It has been said that there are seven important principles that have allowed mankind to achieve many useful achievements in life. One of these principles was said to be “Cause and Effect”, this seems to suggest that everything that you do will have an effect later in your life. If this is the case then you should be able to change effects in your life by creating other causes. It has been said “whatever someone plants they will get back, so if this is true, them if you are planting good deeds on a regular basis you should receive good deeds back in your life at some stage.

Planting The Right Seeds

If you consider the development of good crops, you could suggest that in order to get good crops you will need to plant good quality seed. But to take this a step further, you could also find that you may need to prepare the soil and ensure that it is in the ultimate good state. It has been said that preparation is one of the keys that leads to success. You would also need to ensure that the seed obtains the right conditions during the growth period. And you could say that the more good effort that you put in you will get back. So the idea of success, you could well find has a number of important contributing factors. Many of these are often overlooked by people who would think that success came just by luck.


If you consider that Napoleon Hill found after a 20 year research that there were 16 things that can lead to success, you could see that there are principles that exist in all areas of life that take you to positive achievement. So a useful pursuit in life could be the goal of self-improvement and self-development. Indeed you could find, that this may give you great satisfaction in life.

MGA Brown (c) 13 June 2013

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Is Faithfulness a Key for a More Successful Happy Life?

Within you All the Time

Qualities are generally things that can not be purchased, but tend to be things that need to be developed with time and effort. And when you look at someone who has achieved success in areas of their life, you may well find that a lot of time, effort, determination and sacrifice has been invested in getting to that point in life. In these days of fast food, fast changing products and a desire for more rapid progress, we could correctly say that many people are beginning to overlook the term faithfulness. Many people leave partners in the hope that the next partner will be the dream soul mate, but can looking inside yourself give the true answer. One of the problems in life is that you may be looking for happiness in the things around you, but the true happiness might in-fact be within you all the time.

So Can Faithfulness be a useful goal

If you consider the whole process of human growth you can note that the process takes a number of years, and there are stages to the process. Consider the stages of learning; the child who succeeds will tend to learn things in a certain order, and a number of qualities will need to be developed, such as discipline. If you think about a successful sports person, you would note that they need to do certain exercises most days in a week. They would need to faithfully work towards the various goals each week and each month and would be denied certain pleasures. But the pay could be a reward that would not be received by most people. Only this dedication, faithfulness and commitment can allow the sport person to achieve the precious goal.

The value in developing qualities

The development of qualities is something that can give you great returns on your investment, you will be investing time and effort and perhaps many other important things, the fact is you will need to make some kind of commitment. But your personal development could be one of the greatest things that you are rewarded with. Developing new skills and abilities could be considered priceless when compared to many physical things that deteriorate over the process of time. And it could be said that the acquiring of virtue and good qualities may be said to be of much higher value than the acquisition of material goods and property. You may also say that a person who has spent their life solely acquiring material things might be left with an empty feeling inside. So the idea of developing values and qualities may actually be something that will live on once a person has finished this stage of life.


So the virtue of Faithfulness may in-fact be one of the greatest acquisitions that you could gain during the course of your life; you may find that the desire in developing virtues such as faithfulness could turn out to be more valuable than gold, diamonds and other precious stones.

MGA Brown (c) 13 June 2013

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Determining Personal Success – How to Determine Your Success

Path to Personal Success

Becoming successful can involve a number of factors, so how can you ensure you correctly map your path to personal success? And what are the things that you need to do in order to become successful? Becoming a success could be the dream of most people, and there has been many that have written about the subject. So what are some of the key attributes and habits that can assist in determining your success? One of the things that could help you to find success is the adopting of new habits.

The Power of Developing Good Habits

There are a number of habits that could cause a person to fail from finding success in life, but by determining and creating new habits could greatly assist in finding success. The idea that we are the creatures of habit is something that has been suggested by many, and people tend to do things based on habit. Indeed it could be said that success is a habit, and that people who are successful habitually do things in a certain way. One key thought would be to study successful people and work out the habits that they practice on a regular basis. You can also read books about them to get clues on the things that they do which allows them to find success in their life. So if changing your habits can allow you to find success, then it would be useful to develop habits that can lead to success, also how can you go about changing your habits?

Changing Old Habits

The need to change habits can arise for a variety of reasons, and habits may be deeply en-grained in the way that you do things. So in-order to successfully achieve the task of changing your old habits could take two important qualities and task. One of the ways that it has been said to change an old habit is by replacing it with a new habit. The idea is that you need to practice the new habit for a period of about a month. The reason behind it can be seen in this example; imagine you needed to create a new path in a field, you would need to walk along the new path frequently until the new path is formed. In the same way by constantly practicing your new habit everyday for the next month, can help you to form the new habit. Also it should be noted that you may require determination as some old habits may take great effort to shift.

The Habit Of Reading

One of the habits that could increase your chances of being successful is by reading books related to the subject. It could also be useful to develop the habit of learning new skills and abilities. Long Life Learning has been said to be one of the things that allows a person to find consistent success in life. The fact is that success could be considered a journey and not a destination. So this could point to the idea that you might find success as you go along your life’s journey.

Creating A Picture

It could be of great value to impress a picture of the things that you consider to be success on your mind. It has been said that people who become successful normally form a picture of what they want to achieve in their mind. There are a number of methods which can be used to achieve this, these range from subliminal messages, affirmations, to help create the picture of what you desire to achieve.


So could developing new habits be the way that you will find the success that you are looking for in your life. And do you have a clear picture of the things that you want to create in your life.

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