Wealth And Happiness – Does One Lead To the Other?

Increase Wealth – How About Being Happy With What You Have?


In this life one of the important things is being able to have the necessary things needed for living. With out these basics life would be impossible. But to enjoy life more and to get the best experiences may require more resources. The main resource used in exchange for these experiences is money. So the need to have a good supply of money is something that is essential in order to enjoy the many experiences in life. One of the problems is how much money is necessary to enjoy the desired experiences in life. This can lead to a desire to earn more money in order to gain these experiences. So how much wealth should be reasonable in-order to live? And is it possible to be happy with the wealth that you currently have?

What is Happiness? and How Much Wealth Do You need to Be Happy?

Being able to define the thing that happiness means to you is a useful starting point in finding happiness. The ability to measure when you are happy will need to be based on the things that you need in-order to have happiness. It has been said that the best things in life are free, indeed things like life and health are things that might be taken for granted, but without these important things then many of the other things in life could become meaningless. The air that we breath might also be taken for granted, and the water that falls from the sky, it could be very important to begin to treasure and appreciate these simple things, without which life here may not be possible.

Great simple sources of riches

So indeed by looking at the many things that you take for granted could be a great source of things to be appreciated, this may lead to finding more joy. the fact that you may have a powerful mind could also be something that you could find is of great value, and it could be useful to realize the value. It has been said that a dog does not know the use of its tail until it has lost it. So it could be useful to treasure the things that you take for granted. You may find that you have more to be happy about than you first realize.

Godliness with Contentment Is Great Gain

The Idea that Godliness with contentment leads to great gain, is an interesting concept. If you look at the materialist world you could notice that you may never reach a point where you are completely satisfied with all the things that you may possess. If you consider that you are constantly being sold the latest version of products that you currently have, but does each version increase your level of happiness. And can material things bring you true joy and happiness? Indeed if you think of a time that you were truly happy, what were the things that lead to you feeling the state of happiness. And were they material things that gave you the true happiness?


The idea that having wealth is a prerequisite to finding great joy and happiness could end up being a great illusion and it may be the case that great happiness and joy could be in-fact found much nearer than you believe in the simple things that are already around you. So your source of greater happiness may already be in your possession. What do you think – Thoughts to make you think.

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The Power of Happy Thoughts

The Idea of happy thoughts


Could it be suggested that power can be found in focusing on happy thoughts? In life we could find that everyday you may encounter various challenges during the course of the week. There could be a number of things that cause you to have feelings of unhappiness, but could situations change depending on how you view them? For example four people could view the same event in four different ways, so the outlook that you have on a situation may in-fact allow the situation to change from a problem into an opportunity. The idea of living in a freezing cold home might be seen as a challenging situation, but on the other hand going on a holiday attempting to climb an icy mountain may be seen as an adventure. In both situations you will be in cold conditions, but they may be viewed in different ways. So this could lead to the idea:

Can the way you view a situation make it happy?

Could it be a fact that you have the power to Change your situation based on the outlook you have towards the situation. How easy or difficult is it to change your outlook on a situation that you face, it could be said that some things may be easier to change than other things. And some challenges may require more effort than other challenges. It has been said by some people we are the creatures of habit, if it is the case that we do things according to habit, then to change your situation may require changing your habit. To break an old habit might require a great deal of effort over a period of time, it could be suggested that it may take 30 days to change some habits.

The Determined Mind

You may find that changing an old habit may change for a few days, but then you could find that you have reverted back to the old habit. So how can you change this pattern. The answer is there is no easy solution, you have to be determined and you need to keep trying. Even when you fail a number of times, but a key is to learn from the failure and make a new plan and try again. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he was able to eventually make the light bulb, so determination is a quality that is important to develop. Just because you have failed a number of times, does not mean you are a failure, it just means you have another opportunity to attempt to succeed.

Working Towards Your happiness

So keep working towards your desire to find happiness. You may even find that happiness may be found deep inside of yourself. An interesting thought is that real happiness may not be in gaining external things, but may be in the act of learning from life. It has been said that you should enjoy the journey and not just focus on the destination. So Could it be a useful idea to look at the things that make you happy and give you great joy? Maybe by deep concentrated thinking you might work out the key to what things make you feel the greatest happiness. What do you think – Thoughts to make you think

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