12 Success Lessons – The only book you ever need to read on personal achievement – Marigold Edwards

Imagine you were given the chance to have a new life and you could have whatever you wanted in it. Imagine if you were handed a key that would open the door to everything that you want in your life. These 12 success lessons on goal setting and personal leadership will show you how.

About The Author
Born in London UK she is a Leadership Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Author and International Development Practitioner. Owing to her exciting yet practical approach Marigold has worked with people of renown and in high office, including prime ministers, government leaders, company executives as well as the everyday person seeking fulfillment and wanting to perform at a higher level in their life. Let Marigold help you propel yourself to your higher levels of success.


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The Power of Positive Choice

“Power of Positive Choice”- The way you think can have a very important effect on the life that you live, indeed just as thoughts can cause stress and lead to illness, the thoughts that you have can directly affect your life. These are a few of the things looked at in “The Power of Positive Choice”,  get your preview now!


Thoughts to Make You Wonder


“Following his recovery from a debilitating stroke that threatened his total well-being and existence, MGA Brown knows first-hand what the power of the mind can do for individuals who know how to use it. That’s why he gives you just those proven mind-imaging techniques that actually enhance your personal life, career and even your business.

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“4 Incredible Keys for Change in Life – A Case for Putting God First

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If you want to be successful a good place to start is with someone who has the information that you need. Once you have read this excellent book on success take the vital step of action by applying the information that you have been blessed to acquire. Don M Green Ex Director Napoleon Hill Fondation

Interview Success – Planning for a winning job interview

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You can now gain the knowledge and experience of MGA Brown in the field of employability skills. This book is a wealth of gold to those who need to prepare themselves for the job market. The book focuses on preparation looking at how you can give value to an employer, and looks at typical questions asked during an interview. One of the keys is looking at things from the employers point of view, it is important to work out the problems which the employer is facing, and how your skills can solve those problems. Doing good company research is an important key, and it is important to know about the business and how you will be able to add value.

An interesting Story? – What do you think Thoughts to Make you think
InterestingStory MGA5GR

The Story in this book is one that leaves the reader to carefully look at the purpose why we are here on this earth. It is down to each person who reads this to draw their own conclusion. Is the story that this young girl is telling us true, is it possible to die for 23 hours and live again to tell the story. We know that if a body is with out oxygen for a period of time can be brain damaged. Did this woman actually go to a place called Hell and Heaven and actually see the things that she said she saw. Could it have been all in her imagination, or is their some power that made the universe called God, and does an evil power exist who is trying to deceive the people of this planet. I will leave it to the reader to come to your own conclusion.

The power of Intentions – Thoughts to make you think

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MGA Brown has been a trainer and coach delivering employability workshops for a number of years, and has been the director of a company that teaches success principles. This book looks at how a person can improve life by thought provoking questions, and discusses interesting ideas such as the power of gratitude.

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