The Art of Gratitude

You Can Achieve Great Things – Get A Mentor – Dream Big – Take Action – Many Thanks to Danny Ray for his help and advice in the production of this book. Also many thanks to my friend Gerry Robert, Gerry you have been pivotal in making this book happen.


Gerry has help a countless number of people around the world to achieve their dream. He has spoken on some of the business stages with people like Sir Richard Branson.


Andy Harrington has spoken on some of the largest stages, I was privileged to be back stage with him at this event. He has spoke in front of thousands of people and has change thousands of lives. Over lunch he answered some key questions, as an author and speak it has been invaluable. To become the best you have to learn from the best.


Following his recovery from a debilitating stroke that threatened his total well-being and existence, MGA Brown knows first-hand what the power of the mind can do for individuals who know how to use it. That’s why he gives you just those proven mind-imaging techniques that actually enhance your personal life, career and even your business.

And what’s best of all, with mental-imaging the improvements you make are permanent, because they automatically become part of your daily approach to every day living. Which means the benefits you get from reading Mr. Brown’s techniques are guaranteed to last you a lifetime!

Dr. Ken Odiwe, Bestselling Author of The New American Millionaires. Founder/CEO of The Entrepreneur Success Institute. 

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MGA with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn at the Houses of Parliament, The Labour Leader was addressing a meeting of the BAME Reception on the 13th April 2016

12 Success Lessons – The only book you ever need to read on personal achievement – Marigold Edwards

Imagine you were given the chance to have a new life and you could have whatever you wanted in it. Imagine if you were handed a key that would open the door to everything that you want in your life. These 12 success lessons on goal setting and personal leadership will show you how.

About The Author
Born in London UK she is a Leadership Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Author and International Development Practitioner. Owing to her exciting yet practical approach Marigold has worked with people of renown and in high office, including prime ministers, government leaders, company executives as well as the everyday person seeking fulfillment and wanting to perform at a higher level in their life. Let Marigold help you propel yourself to your higher levels of success.


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Transformational Speaker – MGA Brown

MGA Brown is a Personal Student of Jay Abraham


This book looks at aspects of history which may have been inaccurate, and the impact it has had on civilization. I am currently available for interviews to discuss this up coming book.

3 Principles that can change your situation


Is it possible to recover after being paralysed on your right hand side. This is something that can completely change your life beyond measure. Imagine driving to the supermarket to pick up your shopping and within a fraction of a second being completely paralysed on your right hand side. But after being diagnosed as the victim of a stroke that paralyses your right hand side, is it possible to recover using 3 proven principles.

How I Recovered from A Stroke that Paralysed me

I used 3 proven principles which allowed me to get back to full health, indeed these same principles have been used by people who have amassed wealth and fortunes. Indeed principles are things that will work regardless of your situation in life. By doing things in a certain way you will always get certain results.

To find out How you can benefit from applying proven principle book  MGA Brown to speak at your event today! 


Contact MGA to speak at your event


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