Understanding the Mind – How to Connect to Your Subconscious Mind

Understanding the Mind

The need to understand the mind and how it works could be much more important than you think. If you look at people who are doing well in life it could be that they are doing things in a certain way. The writer of “The Science of getting rich” pointed out that if people do things in a certain way then they will become rich. So the understanding of how your mind works could be very useful. So how can you connect to your subconscious mind, and what are the benefits that you will receive by connecting to your subconscious?

Connecting to your Subconscious

The subconscious mind has been said to control the functions of the body such as the flow of the blood, the beating of the heart and all functions that are not controlled on a conscious level. Indeed you do not tell your heart to beat or instruct the body how to move food into the digestion area. All those operations are carried out by your subconscious mind. As well as these operations it has been said that the subconscious mind is responsible for allowing you to be more focused in your concentration. Indeed the ability to concentrate is one of the things mentioned in the book “law of Success” by Napoleon Hill. The ability to concentrate has been linked to meditation, which is said to be one of the ways to develop concentration.

The Master key to Concentration

The idea of a master-key was discussed by Charles Haanel in his book the master-key system, he discussed the idea of developing meditation as an aid in effective concentration. His book was laid out in the form of a course which took a number of weeks to complete. At the end of each chapter he provided a question and answer section to ensure the reader grasped the concepts presented in that chapter. The course was a practical course and the reader practiced the art of meditation each week, the material of each week had to be mastered before moving on to the following weeks. One of the ideas is to develop your ability to meditate to a high level.

How meditation Links with Concentration

There are a number of modern aids which are said to allow you to get the benefits of deep meditation by using a method called brain entrainment. The idea is that two frequencies are played into your headphone, one frequency to the left ear and another frequency to the right ear. It is said this system can lead to greater creativity. This is also related to the same idea in meditation. Basically when a person is in the condition just before sleep they could be receptive to greater creativity. Greater concentration is also suggested to be one of the benefits.


The power of greater concentration could be one of the benefits of connecting to your subconscious mind. This could be achieved in various ways including the practice of meditation. So are there greater abilities available to you by effectively connecting to your subconscious mind? – Thoughts To Make You Think.

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Mind Development – How to Unlock the Hidden Power of the Mind

Unseen Power of the Mind

The ability to unlock the hidden, unseen power of the mind could be the secret that has allowed success to many of the most successful people around the world. Indeed the ability to achieve the desires of your heart at will, could be one of the greatest gifts that you could acquire. But is there a price in unlocking the hidden power of the mind. It was once said that an apple could give the ability to be as a God and understand good and evil, but with that story the people seemed to have been deceived. They also appeared to have lost more than they seemed to have gained. So how can you unlock the hidden powers of the mind, and is the price worth the ability?

The Act of Studying Hard

The idea of studying hard and getting a good education which may lead to a good job, has been the story taught to children for many generations. But for many people this story line did not lead to the joy that they desired in life. Indeed the gold at the end of the tunnel may in-fact lead to more misery than you may originally expect. The idea of unlocking hidden power may seem a wonderful idea, but could it in-fact be something that could be very dreadful. Maybe it is the case the powers were hidden for a good reason, and unlocking them could open up the proverbial can of worms. So a good thought might be what is the hidden power of the mind, and will it add greater value to your life?

Use of Power for Good or Bad

The idea of power in the hands of someone who does not have the skill to use power could be very destructive. So this could lead to the idea that in order to use certain power you may need to develop the necessary skills first. And how long should it take to acquire the skills required? Imagine a person who has not acquired the recommended skills for using great mind power. It could be dangerous to them and also to the people around them. Consider someone working with acid to unblock a drainage system, you would need to be trained how to safely work with the acid. Once you have passed the required qualifications for working with acid, only then could you be certified to work with it. So in order to receive the key to hidden powers of the mind, would first mean that you may need to achieve the first step, which is a prerequisite before being set loose with a very powerful key.


There is a saying which states when the student is ready the master will appear. If you can answer that you may be ready for the key. – Thoughts To Make You Think.

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The Power of Your Mind, You Can and Will Fall But Get Back Up

The Power of your Mind

You have more power and strength with inside of you. Sometimes in life as you are running the race of life, great problems cause you to fall and hit the ground. These problems can seem to be insurmountable but the fact is you may be greater than you think. You could be said to have a mighty power within yourself which is waiting to be released. Indeed Some of these challenges which throw you to the ground can be used as the spark you need to drive you unto the victory that you need in life.

The Big Choice

You are always faced with situations in life where you need to make a decision. The fact is you are the one that is in control of your mind, and it is up to you to choose the next step. Indeed you have the power to decide to get up and win the race. The great power that makes everything in life according to George Winslow Plummer is the “Mind” it is suggested that everything in life is created by this great power. Perhaps using the power of a focused driving mind could have been just what was applied by the athlete, the power of determination and focus could be the things that will drive you to the success that you will get in life.

You Have Everything You Need Inside

The Mind could be the force that will allow you to achieve things that you have thought of as impossible, but today could be the day that you make a conscience choice to bring a change that will allow your life to change. The fall that you took could be a blessing in disguise that can give your mind the power you need to make the changes that will bring you great victory in life.


The falls that you take in life could be a problem or a source to drive you to success. The answer may reside within your mind, and your mind could be the powerful force that will create the victory that you need. So instead of seeing a fall as a problem you could see it as the greatest gift that will drive you to victory. What do you think – Thoughts To Make You Think.

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The Benefits of Mental Agility

What are the benefits of being mentally agile? And how can you achieve it? Indeed if you look at people who tend to be successful in life you could notice that they have a number of qualities. It was said by Napoleon Hill following a study of 500 millionaires over a twenty year period, that there are certain things that allows a person to become successful. He wrote around 16 things that bring success in his book “Law of Success”. It appears that success is linked to the way that you think, if you think in a certain way then you could find you become more successful. So does success have clues, and if you develop your mental agility could this mean that you could be more successful?

Achieving mental agility

The ability to think quickly and easily might not be something that is developed over night, but it may be said is something that takes time to develop. Indeed it could be said that any thing worth having will take time to develop, hence to develop mental agility may also take time. So what are the exercises that you can do to develop mental agility? And how long could it take to develop these abilities? If you look at the agility that people develop on a physical level, you could note that time and effort will need to be invested over a consistent period. The fact is regular correct exercise will need to be practiced in order to make steady progress. So the same could be true of mental agility, so an investment of your time effort and careful study may also be needed to achieve your end goal.

The Practice of Meditation

One of the techniques that has been found to develop the abilities of the mind could be meditation. Indeed meditation is a technique that has been used very far back in history and is still being used today. Indeed it has been said that many of the people who have been found to achieve very great success, have been people who have practiced the technique of meditation. So could there be a link between meditation and the agility found in the mind. It has also been said that the act of meditation allows the person to access greater levels of creativity, and intuition. So meditation could be a useful technique to achieve greater mental agility.

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Peace – The Source Within

The Idea of Taking Responsibility

Having peace within could be one of the most important things in life, Indeed reaching a point where you can feel at peace during difficult times could be very important. But do you cause many of the problems that come into your life by virtue of the choices that you make? And could you improve your life by learning from your mistakes and making better choices? Indeed it could be said that the people who take responsibility for their actions may in-fact achieve more in life. The Idea of blaming other people and blaming situations could be thought of as giving away your power. And the idea of taking responsibility could be the tool to empower you to finding and achieving more in life. The statement that “I am where I am in life because of decisions I have made could be one of the more empowering statements. So could this lead to finding peace within and might understanding yourself help you to achieve this.

The Power of making your Decisions

The Ability to make decisions and to stick to those decisions has been said to be one of the things that can allow you to find greater success in life. It was found that people who were able to make quick decisions tended to be people who achieved more success in life. This was found in a 20 year research conducted by Napoleon Hill. It was said that he studied the lives of 500 people who had become millionaires by their own efforts. And he found a number of things that allowed a person to find success in life, one of these was the idea of being able to make quick decisions and sticking to those decisions. So by developing the habit of making quick decisions could be one of the things that could allow a person to get more out of life.

Learning from Mistakes to find more peace in Life

Mistakes could be thought of as unpleasant things that can occur in your life, but the idea of learning lessons from those mistakes could be away of turning those unpleasant occasions into future blessings. Indeed the lessons learnt from these unfortunate conditions could allow you to find the greater peace and harmony that you desire in your life. If you can consciously learn valuable lessons from the mistakes that have occurred, you may well be on the road to greater peace in your life. Indeed it could be said that the journey to find peace may take time and effort, but many things in life that are worth having might take a great deal of time and effort. But the peace that you obtain after exerting the effort may make it more rewarding.


Finding peace in life may be something that requires dealing with many challenging situations, and you may make a number of mistakes along the way. But by learning important lessons could help you to find the greater peace that you desire. The ability to make quick decisions could also assist you in gaining more out of life. But by looking at mistakes as useful lessons could help you in your journey towards more peace in life. What do you think – Thoughts to make you think.

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MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think”
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Do You Really Have Choice in This Life?

How Much Choice do you really have in this life

If you consider that you are born in this world and it would appear that you randomly are born to a set of parents which are your father and mother. You go to a school or and nursery which you do not appear to have any choice in this matter. You live in an environment that is the choice of your parents or other external forces, then you are asked to choose a career or job that could last the whole of your life. Do you really have any choice in this whole process, or do we choose our fate before we enter into this life?

The Idea of Choice Before Birth

This could be an interesting question, due to the many philosophies and ideas, indeed there are schools of thought which say that we choose the parents that we are born to and we may in-fact choose many of the circumstances that occur during our life time, if this is true then we would have no reason to complain about the many things that occur during the course of our life time. And if you did in-fact choose the situations in your life, then why did you choose them, and was it for a part of your development? So the whole idea of you choosing the things that are happening before you were born would add an interesting element to life. That would lead to the question, why did you forget everything that happened prior to you being born.

Life before Birth

Did you have life before birth and did you have an existence before you were born on this planet at this time. And if you did live a life in another dimension why is there no recollection of the experiences before this life on this planet. One suggestion could be that if you knew who you were before you came in this life you may not in-fact achieve many of the things that you have achieved in this life. So if you did have an existence prior to this life, how can you find out more about that existence. This leads to another question, are there people who are fully aware of the existence that was before this life? And have they kept their mouths closed about it for a good reason.


Could it be that there are many things in the universe that are better if we do not know them? And would digging to find out lead to the proverbial can of worms? And did we have a choice before starting this life? What do you think – Thoughts to make you think.

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Saying “I m Successful ” Doesn’t make it So

Saying “I’m Successful” Doesn’t Make It So


The use of affirmations

It has been said that saying affirmations can help a person to find success in life, so are affirmations effective? And what other things do you need to do in order to make them effective? And what do affirmations do? It would also be important define the thing that success means to you.

What is an affirmation?

Affirmations are statements of the things that you desire to achieve which may be stated in the present tense. For example if you wanted to become more healthier you would say something like “I am in great health and I exercise everyday”. The idea is that you say this affirmation at regular times, for example once every hour during the course of the day. The aim is to imprint your desire into your subconscious mind also known as the subjective mind.

The subjective mind and the objective mind

Some people may say that affirmations do not work, but it has been suggested that if they are used with strong feeling they may produce results. The idea is that you need to have a strong feeling of achieving your goals while saying it. It is suggested that one of the reasons that affirmations are not achieved could be due to your subconscious mind not being persuaded in believing that you already have achieved the goal you desire.

Taking consistent action

The idea of visualising the desires that you want to achieve has been said to be key to achieving desires, but visualising on its own may not make it happen. It is also important to take consistent action in order to achieve the success that you want in life. It was said by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” that making organized plans is one of the steps in achieving success and also learning lessons from failed attempts were things that help people in finding success, he had studied 500 millionaires over a period of 20 years and he found that once people do certain things they will get success in life.

Power of subliminal messages

The idea of using subliminal messages to change behavior is one that has been commented on for a few years. The idea is that the conscious mind could be stopping a person from achieving the new behavior that they desire. This could be because the mind can not believe that you can achieve the new behavior, but if the new behavior could be sent directly to the subconscious mind, you may then achieve your new behavior. So how do subliminal messages work and how can you apply them to achieve the results that you desire in life?

How to use subliminal messages

Subliminal messages can be applied when you are using your computer, this is done by flashing on your screen the message of the new behavior that you want to create in yourself. The message is flashed on the screen quickly so that you can not recognize the words with your conscious mind. However the message can be picked up by your subconscious mind. This will have the effect of your subconscious mind giving you task which can lead to you achieving your desire.


The use of Affirmation and other tools such as subliminal messages can assist in creating the new mind-set that could allow you to create the new life that you desire. However it would be best to look carefully at these various methods and obtain evidence to ensure you are able to make an informed decision, as to how valuable each method would be to achieving your goals and desires.

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