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Following his recovery from a debilitating stroke that threatened his total well-being and existence, MGA Brown knows first-hand what the power of the mind can do for individuals who know how to use it. That’s why he gives you just those proven mind-imaging techniques that actually enhance your personal life, career and even your business.
And what’s best of all, with mental-imaging the improvements you make are permanent, because they automatically become part of your daily approach to every day living. Which means the benefits you get from reading Mr. Brown’s techniques are guaranteed to last you a lifetime!
Dr. Ken Odiwe, Bestselling Author of The New American Millionaires.
Founder/CEO of The Entrepreneur Success Institute. http://TheEntrepreneurSuccessInstitute.com

If you want to be successful a good place to start is with someone who has the information that you need. Once you have read this excellent book on success take the vital step of action by applying the information that you have been blessed to acquire.
Don M Green Ex Director Napoleon Hill Fondation

” I met MGA Brown at an event and heard about his wonderful and his exciting endeavours. I’m really excited that he is kindly shared even more of his priceless knowledge with the world. I have read and wrote business books in the past. But looking at the content. this new book has many intriguing topics covered and a strong emphasis on personal development as well as typical business development. Its looking like one of MGA Brown’s best masterpieces.”
Junior Ogunyemi – Author of, “how to be a student entrepreneur.”

MGA Brown is an outstanding writer, motivational speaker and radio host. He has captivated audiences with his powerful motivational speeches. His instructional step by step, do it yourself books are treasured by everyone. And, his nightly London radio broadcast with co-host “Buzzin-Bee” are outstanding.
MGA is a no-holds-barred, never-say-I-can’t motivator…a must read for all!….
Tobias Turner, author of “The Minds Eye”, and owner of DTurnerPublishing Co.USA.

“M G A is a remarkable man and is a great leader and author! ”
Gerry Robert
Writer of “The Millionaire Mindset”

M G A Brown 201028

You have the power to leave a mark and make  an impact. In 2008 my life story was about to  written after suffering a stroke my day of  death stood in front of me. I had lived a life as a on, husband, father, brother, cousin, colleague, student, worker, musician, just to a few. However I made a conscious choice. we humans are gifted with the remarkable ability to choose. I decided that I was not going to live a life as a paralysed person. I made up in my mind to take my life back. I saw clearly in my mind a picture of health, and a picture of me doing all the things that I had been able to do previously in my life. The sad thing is that I could see now how I had taken all my gifts and abilities for granted. I use to love to play the piano, but now that was gone as my right arm and hand was now paralysed.

But the truth was that my fate was in the power of my thoughts, the way how I had thought had got me here in this hospital bed. Indeed the principle of “Cause and Effect”, was showing clearly that things that were happening in my life were related to the actions and the decisions I had been taking. And one thing I could see clearly is that my recovery would be directly related to the way that I was thinking.

In fact because I made up my mind to recover was the key step that allowed me to get back to full health. And taking action during those first few days at hospital made the biggest impact on my recovery.

Challenges are the tools that allowed me to achieve greater success in life. Indeed it could be said that solving problems has been my greatest opportunity I have found.  Indeed learning lessons from mistakes in my life has been one of my greatest gifts. So how has problems impacted on my life and how did I benefit from them and how did I deal with problems and challenges?

One of my first challenges during my early years of schooling was being affected by dyslexia. At school I found it a problem with spelling, this presented problems during the years of my schooling, however this challenge did not prevent me from going on to achieve many successes in life. The fact is where there is a will there is a way.

Starting life as a painter and decorator while still at school I have gone on to work in the telecommunications industry, local government,teaching IT and employability courses and I have been the managing director of many companies and currently the author of a number of books.These are on various topics varying from self-development, interview skills through to looking at lifestyle changes as a way to lose weight. Titles include “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.

One of the key things I have discovered in my journey, is that in life there are principles which govern success in life.  When I was at college I had a picture of myself as the President of the student union, and that picture became a reality. So you should have your vision of the things that you want to achieve in life, and make a plan and take consistent action to achieve it.

Trade Mission to China Led by Mayor Thomas Chan
Trade Mission 8-15 May

One of the trips I enjoyed and made a number of friends was on the Trade Mission to China. The trip was very eye opening, and it opened a number of business opportunities.

Indeed China could be said to be one of the important players in world economy and links with the UK could prove to be very valuable. The trip was led by the then Mayor Thomas Chan who was a great representative for the UK.


The Corridors of Power

In the world of Politics there are many people who are working towards making an impact however, it is not often you come across a man whose heart is into positive change.  The one man I have found who does truly desire positive change is Jeremy Corbyn  I can see now a leader who is committed to bring true peace in the world.  True positive change is now on the door step, so everyone now has an opportunity to bring real positive change into the world.

Real Diversity

I have heard much talk about diversity, and many have gotten on the band wagon, however, Jeremy is a man that lives what he speaks, and is a man committed to real equality.

So if you truly want positive change in the world look no further than Jeremy Corbyn.

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