3 Important things that lead to Success – By MGA Brown

There are 3 Important things that lead to success
1. You must know what you want
2. You must think about and see a clear picture of what you want.
3. You must have faith in your abilities backed by determination.

So lets look at these 3 points in more detail

1. You must know what you want.
Success always starts from knowing what you want, it has been found that people who become successful know what they want. To look at it another way is to have a burning passionate desire, this will drive you to take the positive action to achieve your desire. Your goal has to be very clear; it has to be specific for example if you said I would like to have a lot of money that would not be specific. But if you said that I want to have £100,000 that would be specific. And this means you can also measure when you have achieved your goal of having £100,000. But it is important that you give yourself a date when you want to attain the money by, and this needs to be realistic and attainable.

2. You must think about and see a clear picture of what you want.
You have to have a clear picture of what the achieved desire or goal will look like. For example if you wanted a home, it would be important to know the details of the home that you desire. If you were to go to an architect and ask them to design you a home, you would need to tell the architect all the things that you want in the home. Once the details have been given to the architect, he or she would then be able to produce a drawing of the home that you desire.

Once you have a clear picture of what your success will look like then you have to ensure that you think about it strongly, this could be done my auto-suggestion, where you write down and read what is your desire and what you are prepared to give for it and think about it everyday. The important thing is that you need to take action to move closer to achieving it.

It is important to have a clear plan of how you intend to set out to achieve your desire. I would say that the better that you make your plans the better your chances of achieving your desire.  And if you fail in your attempts it is important to learn from the mistakes, and try again, and keep trying until you succeed to achieve your desire. I think it is advisable to seek a desire that could not cause harm to others.

3. You must have faith in your abilities backed by determination.
You have to have faith in your abilities that you will achieve your desire or goal, it has been seen that people who have achieved success have complete faith that they will achieve it. It has been seen that people have been healed because they have faith in the tablets that the doctor has given them. It is very important the thoughts that we allow in our minds, because it has been found that a healthy person can end up becoming ill if they believe that they are ill. That is why it is very important that we think of what we want and not what we do not want. That is why if a person is in debt, if they are just thinking about the debt then they end up in more debt, but if they instead think of solutions and abundance then they have a better chance of finding solutions to overcome the debt.

It is very important to have faith in your abilities to achieve your desires and be determined to keep trying until you have achieved your desire. It has been found that people who are successful do not give up because of failed attempts, but keep on trying until they succeed, and it is very important to work in harmony with other people.  When we work in harmony with other people we are able to achieve a lot more in a shorter time. The best leaders know how to inspire their people to work together in harmony to achieve their goals.

© MGA Brown May 2010

MGA Brown is a motivational speaker and success coach, he has coached many people all around the world from places like UK, China, Philippines and Morocco. MGA has many successful coaching clients who can testify to how his methods have lead them to greater success in many areas of their life. MGA has recently been on a Trade Mission to China and has met with many of the heads of government in the Guangzhou and Dong guan areas.

MGA with the Mayor of Redbridge and senior Directors in the
Guangzhou Government

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