Right Thinking A Key To A Happy Life?

The Idea of Right Thoughts


If you consider that before you can create any thing, you first need an idea of the things that you desire to create. You could say that most things start from an idea, then a plan is made, followed by action to bring about your idea. So let us consider that if a good idea is followed by a good plan, and by positive action, you could achieve good results.

Planning How to Think Right Thoughts

Everything in life would tend to start from a desire, It could be suggested that having a very clear picture of the things that you desire could be a very good starting point. Next could be the idea of carefully designing a plan, looking at the things that allow you to be happy and ways to avoid things that leads to unhappiness. There will be things which you have no control over, but also things that you are in control of. There are things that will require a great deal of will power, for example to give up smoking could take a great amount of will power and determination.

The Battle in the Mind

Some of the greatest battles may be in your mind, if you consider when a person is trying to give up an addiction, you will see that the greatest part of the battle could be said to be in the mind. The ability to master your “Will” could be one of the toughest challenges that you could face. So learning to develop your will power could be one of the skills that you may need to master.

Benefits of Thinking Right Thoughts

The ability to keep your mind focused on useful,right thoughts could be said to be a useful skill to develop. If it is possible how could you go about acquiring these skills? Where would be the best place to start, and how long could it take to develop them. If you consider most skills that are worth having could be said to require time and effort. But the satisfaction that you could gain could be one of the great rewards for investing your time. But if you consider a large number of desires in life are achievable but may require determined persistent effort to achieve them, This could mean you may need to invest a lot of your time and effort to succeed.

Acquiring Skills by Setting Goals

The setting of goals could be said to be a very useful method of working towards your desire. Goals need to be realistic, and achievable and you should set a time when they need to be completed by as well as having a clear picture of what your completed goal will look like, For example setting a goal of being wealthy may not be a good goal. A better goal could be I want to save 1 thousand pounds in 12 months. This is not ambiguous, and is limited to a specific time. You will also be able to measure when this goal is complete. A key factor is that your goal could be manageable and achievable.


The thoughts that you think on a daily basis could be said to lead to the actions and results that you may get in life. So to get thoughts that bring you a happier life may depend on thinking in different ways. The road to better thought may involve a great deal of will power, and a tool that might help is by setting effective goals to help you to achieve it. But as it has been said that many good things in life do not come easy so you may have to put in great effort to mastering right thinking in order to gain a happier life.

MGA Brown (c) 4 June 2013

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