The Power of Gratitude – Things to Be Grateful For

In this life you could find that there are many things that are currently lacking in your life, indeed it could seem as though there are many things that you currently need but do not have. It could be that your life is filled with a sea of unfulfilled wishes and desires. And it could feel that you never seem to achieve these things that you desire in life. So how can you change this situation and begin to have the things that you desire. And what is the process that can lead you to the transformation that you desire in your life.

Your Outlook is Your Outlook

The outlook that you have on life could be said to be the combination of thoughts that you have in your mind. These thoughts could be said to be generated by the many influences that surround you on a daily basis. Indeed you could say that everyday you are influenced by images and sounds that impress on your mind, and these images and sounds affect you on a conscious and subconscious level. Many of the things you begin to desire could be said to have originated from the ideas and thoughts of other people. For example an enticing advert may begin a desire that you previously did not have. So the writer of the advert has now influenced you and you now have a new desire which you previously did not have. It could be the case that something that you where previously happy with, and gained great joy from has now been replaced with dissatisfaction. So your previous gratitude may have been removed because a new desire for the new item due to the clever advertisement.

The power to take back your gratitude

Can you take back your gratitude? In-order to take back your gratitude you would first need to acknowledge that it was lost in the first place. It would be very useful for you to take your time and think about the things that you have been very grateful for. Think about the things that have really given you great joy in the past. You could also think about the simple things that you may have found the greatest satisfaction in. Indeed in those thoughts you may find many of the things that have given you the greatest joy during your life. Maybe you could think back to your earliest happy memory, it could be useful for you to feel a feeling of gratitude for that experience. It may be useful to really focus on the feeling of joy that you felt during that experience.

The Memories in the treasure trove of your mind

If you consider that within you’re mind you may have stored many rich and wealthy stores of happy and wonderful memories. Imagine going into that store and taking out one of them and reliving those experiences. Then take a few moments to show gratitude for that experience, and create in your mind using your powerful imagination a new picture of gratitude based of that experience. Now focus and generate joy based on your gratitude of that wonderful experience. You could find that your life is richer than you may realise. You might find that you have a greater vast vault of wonderful things that you can be truly grateful for.

What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.

MGA Brown (c) 15 July 2013

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