The Power of Your Mind, You Can and Will Fall But Get Back Up

The Power of your Mind

You have more power and strength with inside of you. Sometimes in life as you are running the race of life, great problems cause you to fall and hit the ground. These problems can seem to be insurmountable but the fact is you may be greater than you think. You could be said to have a mighty power within yourself which is waiting to be released. Indeed Some of these challenges which throw you to the ground can be used as the spark you need to drive you unto the victory that you need in life.

The Big Choice

You are always faced with situations in life where you need to make a decision. The fact is you are the one that is in control of your mind, and it is up to you to choose the next step. Indeed you have the power to decide to get up and win the race. The great power that makes everything in life according to George Winslow Plummer is the “Mind” it is suggested that everything in life is created by this great power. Perhaps using the power of a focused driving mind could have been just what was applied by the athlete, the power of determination and focus could be the things that will drive you to the success that you will get in life.

You Have Everything You Need Inside

The Mind could be the force that will allow you to achieve things that you have thought of as impossible, but today could be the day that you make a conscience choice to bring a change that will allow your life to change. The fall that you took could be a blessing in disguise that can give your mind the power you need to make the changes that will bring you great victory in life.


The falls that you take in life could be a problem or a source to drive you to success. The answer may reside within your mind, and your mind could be the powerful force that will create the victory that you need. So instead of seeing a fall as a problem you could see it as the greatest gift that will drive you to victory. What do you think – Thoughts To Make You Think.

MGA Brown © 11 January 2012

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