Saying “I m Successful ” Doesn’t make it So

Saying “I’m Successful” Doesn’t Make It So


The use of affirmations

It has been said that saying affirmations can help a person to find success in life, so are affirmations effective? And what other things do you need to do in order to make them effective? And what do affirmations do? It would also be important define the thing that success means to you.

What is an affirmation?

Affirmations are statements of the things that you desire to achieve which may be stated in the present tense. For example if you wanted to become more healthier you would say something like “I am in great health and I exercise everyday”. The idea is that you say this affirmation at regular times, for example once every hour during the course of the day. The aim is to imprint your desire into your subconscious mind also known as the subjective mind.

The subjective mind and the objective mind

Some people may say that affirmations do not work, but it has been suggested that if they are used with strong feeling they may produce results. The idea is that you need to have a strong feeling of achieving your goals while saying it. It is suggested that one of the reasons that affirmations are not achieved could be due to your subconscious mind not being persuaded in believing that you already have achieved the goal you desire.

Taking consistent action

The idea of visualising the desires that you want to achieve has been said to be key to achieving desires, but visualising on its own may not make it happen. It is also important to take consistent action in order to achieve the success that you want in life. It was said by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” that making organized plans is one of the steps in achieving success and also learning lessons from failed attempts were things that help people in finding success, he had studied 500 millionaires over a period of 20 years and he found that once people do certain things they will get success in life.

Power of subliminal messages

The idea of using subliminal messages to change behavior is one that has been commented on for a few years. The idea is that the conscious mind could be stopping a person from achieving the new behavior that they desire. This could be because the mind can not believe that you can achieve the new behavior, but if the new behavior could be sent directly to the subconscious mind, you may then achieve your new behavior. So how do subliminal messages work and how can you apply them to achieve the results that you desire in life?

How to use subliminal messages

Subliminal messages can be applied when you are using your computer, this is done by flashing on your screen the message of the new behavior that you want to create in yourself. The message is flashed on the screen quickly so that you can not recognize the words with your conscious mind. However the message can be picked up by your subconscious mind. This will have the effect of your subconscious mind giving you task which can lead to you achieving your desire.


The use of Affirmation and other tools such as subliminal messages can assist in creating the new mind-set that could allow you to create the new life that you desire. However it would be best to look carefully at these various methods and obtain evidence to ensure you are able to make an informed decision, as to how valuable each method would be to achieving your goals and desires.

M G A Brown (c) October 2011

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