How to Stay Determined

How to Stay Determined


Success is not by chance

To achieve the things that you desire from life requires a number of disciplines, and if you notice people who tend to achieve more in life you could find that they do certain things as a regular habit. It could be suggested that the need to have clear goals or desires is one of the essential ingredients needed. Also it could be said that success does not happen by chance, if we consider scientific laws, if you do certain things then you will get certain results. For example the Law of Gravity will allow things to be pulled towards the earth. Hence if you are following success principles then you will be more lightly to attain success in your endeavours. So what are the things that can help you to become more determined?

The Need for Direction

If you consider every successful company you will notice that they would probably have a very good director or managing director. When good people are led by an excellent director, you will generally find that the company will get very good results. It was said that the ability to make quick decisions is one of the things that allows a person to find success in life. And if you look at most very good leaders you could find that they are able to make quick decisions. So it could be useful to develop the habit of making quick decisions, as this could prove to be beneficial. Another trait found is that once decisions are made they tend to stick with the decision.

The need for Focus

The importance of keeping focused on your goal should not be underestimated. Keeping your desires and goals in your attention could make the difference between success and failure. If you look at the runner who wins a race you would probably notice a high degree of concentration. The person who generally wins a race, would tend to believe that they will win the race. The ability to focus clearly on the goal that you want to achieve could be what will make the difference between failure and success. If you consider that a camera lens that is not in focus will not take clear pictures, so by the same token the more you are focused on your goal, the clearer you could be able to see the picture of your success.

Having Clear Goals

It could be thought of as very important to have very clear goals, clear goals need to be very specific, they need to be measurable and a goal that is something that you can realistically achieve. It would also be useful to set a time when the goal should be achieved. For example by this time next week I will write four 500 word articles for my blog, about how to get more out of life.

Remind yourself on a regular basis of your aims and goals

Once you have a big reason why you want to achieve your goals, it could be important to remind yourself on a regular basis of the goals you want to achieve. For example the use of affirmations, stating your goals or desires on a regular basis. The key thing is that having your desire regularly in your attention can help you to stay focused and by keeping in mind the reason why you want to achieve your aim.


In order to be more determined in your endeavors could mean that you would need to start with a good foundation. This could be by setting very clear achievable goals, and by focusing your attention on the goal that you are currently working on. The need to have clear direction could be on of the key attribute that could allow you to develop the determination that you desire. You will also need to develop the discipline to stay committed to your goals, and remind yourself regularly of the goal that you want to achieve.

M G A Brown (c) October 2011

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