Finding Peace Within – How to Know Yourself

The Simple Pleasures of Life

The pursuit of peace may be considered more important than the pursuit of other things like wealth and money. Indeed to have achieved great wealth in life but to have no peace could be a life of great agony. The idea of comparing the external world with the internal world could point out a number of great truths. The idea of finding success in wealth and large sums of money might be an illusion that could cause a person to miss the simple pleasures of life. To find peace in life among the trials and turmoil of life might be considered a jewel of great price. So could the route to obtaining true peace be found from the path of knowing and understanding yourself? And might this be found via a path in the internal world rather than the external world?

How Can You Enter the Internal World?

There are many philosophies and religions in the world which show various paths to God, Enlightenment etc. So do all these paths lead to the same place or do they all lead to differing destinations. Indeed the idea of finding the truth could seem to be a path of great desire, and its answer may answer many questions. Thus the ability to find a clear path to the truth you desire could be very valuable. So how can you clearly find your way through the jungle of ideas and philosophies? And how can you find the right answer that you need, that will provide you with the peace that you desire? If you consider that any person who professes a belief or religion who says one thing and does another, may be lying to themselves. Surly one of the greatest gifts might be the ability to speak and live the life you speak of. So could this be a way to lead you to the truth that you desire?

The Truth Will Make You Free

It was once said by someone considered to be one of the great minds of history that “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free”. Does this statement hold true, can truth make you free? Indeed the way to prove scientific laws is by the law working correctly every time. For example gravity, always works every time and because it does, it is confirmed as a law. So is it possible to use the same test to prove the statement mentioned? If you consider something about yourself, that may be true but unpleasant how does that make you feel when you think about it? If you admit the truth to yourself does it make you feel better? And if you feel better do you now feel free? So if you have answered the previous question, where you able to come to a conclusion about the statement? Does the truth make you free?

M G A Brown © 12 November 2011

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