The Power In Thankfulness – Your Word Could Be The Most Valuable Gift

Two of the most powerful words that are on the planet, could be said to be the words “Thank You”. When these two words are said in sincerity, they could be said to be two of the most valuable word you can receive. The power of gratitude is something that should not be underestimated, you have the ability to positively impact on the life of another person when you express true genuine gratitude. This shows that in many areas of life the greatest gift that you can bestow are the words thank-you. Acts of appreciation such as these spoken words, may in many cases be all that would be required in exchange for a good deed.

The Spirit Behind Your Words

The words that you speak, might be said to have great power in them, based on the thoughts that they are said with. Indeed thoughts could be said to have a life of their own, You could say that when you send out a thought in your mind you may be in-fact creating a living entity. If this is true then before you speak the words “thank-you”, you may have already created the entity of “gratitude” and “appreciation” before you have spoken the actual words. If this is true then gratitude and appreciation may actually proceed your words of thank you. So you may in-fact be releasing the feeling of joy when you speak the words thank you with a genuine desire.

Your Power To Give Life

Leading on from the last idea, we could say that words such as “I forgive you” may in-fact also have great power in them. This is because, you may be in-fact creating the entity of “forgiveness”, prior to speaking the words “I forgive you”. And if this is true then you may in-fact be injecting life into the person that you have just forgiven. This could indicate that your words are very powerful, due to the idea that they are proceeded by the thoughts and feelings associated with them. This could infer that you have the power to give a type of life. You could say that you are a creator who is creating a good and positive effect in the person that you are speaking to.

Give life to your children

If thoughts and words do have such a great impact on the lives of the people we come into contact with. Then it could show that we need to be careful of the words which we say to children and the thoughts and feelings associated. This could show why it is important to use encouraging words, and think encouraging thoughts. So we may be in-fact creating many of the conditions that affect our children by virtue of the thoughts and words that we say. Indeed it has been shown that the words that we speak do not convey most of the information spoken. For example it has been said that body language and tone of voice conveys most of the information. So when you say the words thank-you, you may in-fact be saying it before you have spoken the actual words. So you may in-fact be delivering a wonderful and powerful gift every time you say thank you, when associated with the true feelings of thank-you.

MGA Brown © 13 June 2013

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