Achievement – Man’s Desire to Succeed in Life

Greater Capacity in Your Mind

The desire to succeed would seem to be one of the drivers of mankind. If you look at history you could see that in a short period of time many advances seem to have been made. But even through we have made so many great advances we still would mot be able to build great monuments as the Great Pyramids. Even with today’s technologies many of the experts can not work out how they were built, did the people who lived those many years ago have the ability to achieve feats that we could only dream of? So a good question could be, do we have unlimited capacity to achieve much greater things in our minds?

The Power of the Mind

It has been said that success starts by having a desire, and all things that are created by mankind began in someone’s mind. This could suggest that you have within you the potential to achieve much more than you may imagine possible, it could be the case that you have great creative capabilities waiting to be released. So what would you need to do in-order to achieve and excel in many areas of your life? Is there laws or principles that can allow you to release the power that is within your mind?

Search for Laws and Principles

If we consider that electricity was always available throughout history, but it was not until mankind gained an understanding the laws that govern it were we able to get the benefits of electricity. Indeed once you are able to have a clear understanding of the law that govern aspects of life, you are able to use those laws to bring advances in your life. It has been said that there are seven important principles that have allowed mankind to achieve many useful achievements in life. One of these principles was said to be “Cause and Effect”, this seems to suggest that everything that you do will have an effect later in your life. If this is the case then you should be able to change effects in your life by creating other causes. It has been said “whatever someone plants they will get back, so if this is true, them if you are planting good deeds on a regular basis you should receive good deeds back in your life at some stage.

Planting The Right Seeds

If you consider the development of good crops, you could suggest that in order to get good crops you will need to plant good quality seed. But to take this a step further, you could also find that you may need to prepare the soil and ensure that it is in the ultimate good state. It has been said that preparation is one of the keys that leads to success. You would also need to ensure that the seed obtains the right conditions during the growth period. And you could say that the more good effort that you put in you will get back. So the idea of success, you could well find has a number of important contributing factors. Many of these are often overlooked by people who would think that success came just by luck.


If you consider that Napoleon Hill found after a 20 year research that there were 16 things that can lead to success, you could see that there are principles that exist in all areas of life that take you to positive achievement. So a useful pursuit in life could be the goal of self-improvement and self-development. Indeed you could find, that this may give you great satisfaction in life.

MGA Brown (c) 13 June 2013

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