Is Faithfulness a Key for a More Successful Happy Life?

Within you All the Time

Qualities are generally things that can not be purchased, but tend to be things that need to be developed with time and effort. And when you look at someone who has achieved success in areas of their life, you may well find that a lot of time, effort, determination and sacrifice has been invested in getting to that point in life. In these days of fast food, fast changing products and a desire for more rapid progress, we could correctly say that many people are beginning to overlook the term faithfulness. Many people leave partners in the hope that the next partner will be the dream soul mate, but can looking inside yourself give the true answer. One of the problems in life is that you may be looking for happiness in the things around you, but the true happiness might in-fact be within you all the time.

So Can Faithfulness be a useful goal

If you consider the whole process of human growth you can note that the process takes a number of years, and there are stages to the process. Consider the stages of learning; the child who succeeds will tend to learn things in a certain order, and a number of qualities will need to be developed, such as discipline. If you think about a successful sports person, you would note that they need to do certain exercises most days in a week. They would need to faithfully work towards the various goals each week and each month and would be denied certain pleasures. But the pay could be a reward that would not be received by most people. Only this dedication, faithfulness and commitment can allow the sport person to achieve the precious goal.

The value in developing qualities

The development of qualities is something that can give you great returns on your investment, you will be investing time and effort and perhaps many other important things, the fact is you will need to make some kind of commitment. But your personal development could be one of the greatest things that you are rewarded with. Developing new skills and abilities could be considered priceless when compared to many physical things that deteriorate over the process of time. And it could be said that the acquiring of virtue and good qualities may be said to be of much higher value than the acquisition of material goods and property. You may also say that a person who has spent their life solely acquiring material things might be left with an empty feeling inside. So the idea of developing values and qualities may actually be something that will live on once a person has finished this stage of life.


So the virtue of Faithfulness may in-fact be one of the greatest acquisitions that you could gain during the course of your life; you may find that the desire in developing virtues such as faithfulness could turn out to be more valuable than gold, diamonds and other precious stones.

MGA Brown (c) 13 June 2013

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