Learning to Tap Into Your Own Will Power

The idea of tapping into your will power could be one of the assets that could be thought to allow you to gain better benefits in your life. If you consider that the ability to give up bad habits for some people is effortless and for others it seems an impossible dream. But it has been said that there are principles and laws that govern the universe; so given this idea, it could suggest that by applying the correct principles you may in-fact at will be able to give up bad habits. So do you have the power to tap into your will power at will?

Tapping into a higher power

Is it possible to tap into a higher power than your own will power, indeed this would be a very useful opportunity if it were available. But the only problem is that knowing the way that mankind can often think, you could find that unscrupulous people may us this kind of ability for negative uses. So access to a higher power though it might seem a useful, but due to the capacity for misuse may indeed proved to be a problem. So this leads to the idea of qualification before access to higher power access. Also you could say that standards of integrity of a person would need to be established in-order t prevent misuse. So it leads to the idea that developing will power may take a great deal of discipline; and development of discipline may be a gate to prevent people who might be tempted to misuse a strong developed will.

Development of Will Power prerequisites

The ability to tap into your will power could have a suggested prerequisite of developing high integrity; this could then ensure that a person would have the right attitude. But as the mind of people is under their own control, means that there is no way of ensuring that a person of good conduct would be the only ones to gain a powerful will. But it could be the case that the self-discipline may be the gate keeper to prevent those who would desire to misuse a strong and effective will.

What do you think? – Thoughts to Make you think.

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.


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