Get Rich Quick Schemes – Be Careful What You Ask For

Many societies would seem to promote the idea that getting rich is the goal that people should be seeking to achieve in life. Indeed there are many people who would attempt to get rich by selling deceptive schemes which might promise you the opportunity to become rich quickly. But it may well be found that the bulk of these schemes may just be attempts to separate you from your hard-earned money. So are there ways that can honestly allow you to become rich in a short time?

The Principle of Cause and Effect

There is an interesting principle called “The Principle of Cause and effect” which would seem to suggest that causes that you make in life will lead to effects that you will get later in life. If you consider lessons from nature you will notice that there are seasons for things to occur in and there are correct orders that things happen in. For example a farmer will need to plant seed in the ground in one season and another season they will be able to reap the fruits of their labour. Indeed you can not normally cheat the seasons, and people who try to reap before sowing would not normally gain any return from the earth. So are there really effective schemes that can allow you to gain quick riches.

The Price to be paid

If you look at many people who appear to become rich and successful singers and performers almost over night, it may seem that they are lucky, but if you were to really examine their situation you may find interesting stories. There is a phrase called “selling your Soul to the devil”, what does this mean? It has been said that people may offer what is known as their Soul in order to gain temporary riches. If this idea does exist, would it be really worth while accepting short-term riches in exchange for a Soul. Indeed it could make you think what is a Soul; and it could lead you to find the true value of a Soul. It has been said that a dog does not know the value of its tail until it has lost it. So if there is such a thing as a Soul, is this Soul extremely valuable?

Purpose in life

This lends to an interesting thought; in life regardless of how much wealth a person may gain during the course of life they will eventually leave it all behind. So if this is the case could there be a specific purpose that you need to pursue during the course of your life. May be the reason why we are here on this planet is to develop character or other important qualities. And if that is the case, then many of the things that you encounter during life may be happening to allow you to gain your development. So the idea of gaining quick riches may not be of any relevance, because the true riches may in-fact be your development during the progression of your life. What do you think?

– Thoughts to make you think.

MGA Brown (c) 15 June 2013


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