A Case For Positive Doing

There has been much talk about the “”Law of attraction”, and the idea of “Positive Thinking”. This is due to the idea that you attract to you the things that you are thinking about often. A lot of this is around the idea that you can consciously change your circumstances by the way that you think. These ideas could hold some weight, but may need additional principles in-order to get them results. There are many people who have found that these principles have yielded little or no fruits. So what should people be doing to add fuel to ignite these ideas? Could this be a sound case for another concept, i.e. the Case of positive doing?

The idea of thoughts and actions, leading to results

It is indeed important to think about the things that you desire to achieve in life, but without consistent action, you will be thinking for many years to come without gaining useful results. The idea of positive thinking has been brought in to the public domain due to movies like “The Secret”. This movie attracted a lot of public attention, as it deals with how people could gain more in life by utilizing the “Law of attraction”. But in many cases this has given birth to frustration and let down as the wonderful results spoken about in the movie have not been received by many people who were impressed by the movie.

The Case for Positive Action

It would seem that there must be more to changing your circumstances in life than by just thinking often about the life you desire to live. Indeed George Plummer in one of his books suggested that concentration and also meditation where tools that could assist you in changing your situations in life. But we can not get away from the idea that in-order to achieve greater and better results in life you will be required to invest a great deal of “doing”. By doing and taking action are the ingredients that will allow you to see real dividends and positive results in your life.


In life most things are achieved by following certain processes, and the best results are achieved by following the best and most effective processes. So an important point would be that the key way for you to achieve more in life will involve you thinking, and taking action. The need to do things will be the fuel that could allow you to get better results in life.

What do you think? – Thoughts to make you think.

MGA Brown (c) 14 June 2013

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7791737

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