Great things are about to happen!

Thoughts make things; there are a number of good e-books that are very good for learning how to be more focused and finding success. The best website I have found so far in Some of the selection of free e-books found at this site include “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Who was Napoleon Hill?

What was he famous for?

He was a man who lived around the 20th century; his desire was to be a Lawyer but did not have enough money to pay his way through Law School. But he demonstrated great initiative in that he decided to write articles about successful people and sell these articles to pay his way through Law School.

His break came when he decided to interview Andrew Carnegie and write an article about him. He had an interview which was programmed to last 3 hours; this was carried out at Mr Carnegie’s house. After the 3 hours were completed Mr Carnegie said this interview is just starting and kept young Hill at his home for 3 days.

After the third day Andrew Carnegie said to Napoleon Hill “You must be wondering what this is all about, why I have kept you here for three days”. Mr Carnegie went on to explain that no one had written a philosophy of success, he said that there where philosophies written by a number of philosophers but none that the working person could use to find success. He went on to make Hill an interesting  job offer. He said that would Hill be prepared to work for 20 years and research 500 self made millionaires to find out what things they had in common which allowed them to be successful. Hill took on this job offer which involved no pay, but went on to write one of the greatest personal development books of all time.

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