The Moon and Business Success

There was a time when I would spend hours working on my business, and I would get little or no rest, in fact I would often be under a great deal of stress, worrying about cash flow. But in the end it led to me having a stroke in 2008 which paralysed my right hand side. That was a wake up call that taught me a number of lessons:

1. Have correct “Work Life Balance”.

2. Have regular exercise.

3. Eat a healthy diet.

4.  Reduce Stress

5. Understand the importance of cycles during life.
One of the things I had neglected was having proper work life balance, because of not having this correct balance led to me being in hospital and nearly losing my life. The fact is I was responsible for gaining the ill health by all the things I was doing in my life. I was responsible for my lack of sleep, my over work. The stress I was under was due to the way I was running my business.  But my journey back to good health started with me making a decision that I was to become healthy again. I saw myself being able to walk, use my right arm and being able to do the things I previously was able to do. I saw in my mind myself playing the piano, riding the bicycle and driving my car again. The fact is I had taken all these things for granted, and it was not until I had lost then that I realised the value of them.

Indeed the idea of being paralysed and stuck in the hospital away from my family, my home, my computer, my piano etc made me think long and hard. In fact my life had been taken away from me in an instant. But one thing I had was my mind and my ability to think, I had the ability to create my life again in my thoughts. And I had the power to desire health back into my body. I could see myself in health again, I could see pictures of me doing the things I has formally been doing. I could see myself living a healthier life, and I was determined to make this happen.

The most valuable thing in life I found was not money or wealth, but in fact good health and peace of mind. By changing the way that I was thinking was the main reason why I was able to change my life. Indeed the power of friends and family praying and sending positive thoughts is something that is truly valuable. You can not place a price on the value of the people in your life. But people matter and the positive effect of people is real wealth.  So by resetting my priorities I was able to see the things which mattered more in life.

I was told that I would be on aspirins for the rest of my life, but common sense taught me that by eating correctly with a good diet, exercising regularly reducing stress and being aware of the correct cycles in life was what I needed. And the fact that I made an effort to get my life in order was the thing that got my life back into right order.  I realised that I am what I eat, and what I become is a result of the things that I do.  So by living my healthier life, and taking consistent action in that direction I was able to enjoy a better more richer life.

MGA Brown (c) October 2015

You are free to share this article as long as you keep the copyright info attached.


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