Is There Power In A Positive Thought?

Power In A Positive Thought

The idea of holding positive thoughts in the mind has been a consideration in allowing a person to live the life of their dreams. Indeed can having positive thoughts in your mind on an ongoing basis assist you in getting many benefits in life? The concept of positive thinking may in-fact hold some useful truth which could be worth you investigating. It has been said by some people, we should think on things that are pleasant, so is power found in thinking on positive thoughts and ideas?

The Idea that Doing Things in a Certain Way Brings Good Results

Can the way that you do things in your life bring good results, indeed the writer Wallace D Wattle infers that when people do things in a certain way they will tend to get similar results. In his book the Science of Getting Rich he explains that the way that you think will cause you to get certain results. He said that anyone can become rich once they do things in a certain way, and it does not matter how intelligent a person is they can still get rich once they do things in a certain way. So if this is the case what are the things that allows one person to prosper over another who has the same abilities and skills?

People Who have Seen the Power of Positive Thoughts

One of the greatest writers on personal development principles Napoleon Hill said “what ever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”, the idea of self belief is some thing that should not be overlooked in-order to a achieve things in life. One of the things that he also found was the importance of having a positive mental attitude, indeed it has been suggested that having a positive mind-set could be of great value. The Positive Mental Attitude is one of the things that has allowed people to find success in life, Hill studied a large number of successful people over a period of 20 years and found a number of things that they have in common. So we can see that once a person has a positive outlook on life, they could be on their way to getting much more out of life.


So You may find that there could be truth in the idea, that power might be found in the ability to focus on keeping your mind on positive thoughts. What do you think – Thoughts To Make You Think.

MGA Brown © 14 January 2012

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