5 Things I Used to Make My Goals Effective

Goals could be said to be one of your greatest friends if you use them effectively. It was once said that a group of students that had just graduated were asked if they had written goals. Only a few had written goals. A number of years later the students were asked about their progress and it was found that the students which had written goals had achieved a lot more than those who had no written goals. So by writing my goals I have also found I am in a more effective position, and I am able to achieve a lot more.

The Great thing about SMART Goals

Specific – These are goals which are very clear, for example if I said I want to contact a lot of customers, my goal would not be specific. However if I said I want to contact 10 customers withing the next 30 minutes, then that would be a specific goal.

Measurable – I found that I could make my goals more effective by making them measurable, how did I do this? For example if I said that my goal was to speak to many customers, I would make this measurable by stating the number of customers and the time this was to be completed by. This could be something like I want to speak to 10 customers within the next 30 minutes.

Achievable – I found that if my goals were not achievable I would find motivating myself difficult. One of the things that changed my results was the moment I assessed my goals to ensure that they were achievable. Also I began celebrating on the completion of my goals, I found this to be stimulating and motivating. For example in the past I would set unrealistic goals, which I would tend not to achieve, this would lead to me feeling bad after not achieving the goal. Now I am able to consistently achieve much more, because I set goals that I am able to achieve.  I found that by fine tuning my mind in this way produced greater productivity.

Realistic – Being realistic when setting my goals was one of the things that helped me to have greater focus. I found setting goals which where to high, just created problems when I failed to achieve them. However by setting realistic goals which I would consistently achieve allowed me to have a mindset based on success. Because I was seeing frequent success I found that I was able to attract more success, more frequently.

Time Limited – The other thing that made my goals effective was the act of limiting them to a set time. In the past I would set goals like I wanted to contact many customers, but this was very vague and could not clearly be measured, but the moment I set times when I needed to contact them by, things changed drastically. As I began setting completion times and dates things miraculously changed. In fact I was now having greater order, and accountability in my endeavours. Indeed I would correctly record the dates and time of the contact, and also clearly document the discussion, these practices have transformed the results I get.

Indeed I have found that by evaluating my practices and looking at ways to make them better, has brought me huge benefits. There are many other useful things that I have discovered, but I will save them for another time.

MGA Brown (c) September 2015


You may freely share this as long as you keep the copyright information attached.


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