Becoming a Billionaire – Is This a Realistic Goal?

The Big Why

The first question I would ask is why do you want to become a billionaire? I feel that it is important to know the reason why you desire to achieve your desire. Some reasons would be beneficial and some could be a waste of time. If your reason to be a billionaire is to help remove poverty around the world, could be a good or a bad reason. For example there may be better ways to remove poverty than to become a billionaire. It may be better to think of innovative ideas that could eradicate poverty. So the question could be what is the best solution to solving the problem that you have identified.

What Do You Really Want To Achieve

It could be important to look at the question of what do you really want to achieve? the fact is you may not get the satisfaction that  you really want if you were to gain a billion, so how can you gain the real satisfaction that you really want? And what are the things that you really want out of life. If you consider some of the things in life that are said to give great joy, it could be said that many of these things may be complete disappointments. In many cases that desire to have these things may have given more satisfaction, but the attainment could have been a very big let down. In many instances the desire of material things in life could end up becoming a great anti-climax. And imagine living a life working towards gaining material things only to find that once you have gain them you may still not be satisfied.

Health or wealth

Some people they have managed to find the dream of getting great wealth, only to find that they have missed out on other aspects of life. Indeed health and a good relationship can not be purchased by money. Indeed there have been billionaires who have died of cancer, but their money could not save them. If you look at the lives of many films stars who have married and divorced many times, which could show that money can not guarantee a happy marriage. If you look at small children, they may be given a very expensive present, but may find more joy in playing with the box that it was wrapped in. So could the joy that we look for be found deep inside of ourself and not in external things like numbers of dollars.

There was the story of a woman who was a writer who had a large home with a great swimming pool, and it would appear that she had a great life. But after visiting her home showed a different story. She was seriously ill and was bedridden and was not able to enjoy her home or great swimming pool. This could show that there are other things in life that can give you the joy that you really want, and money may not be the main route to achieving it.


Even though having money could seem like a worthy goal, it may not be the thing that we are seeking deep down. Indeed the joy and satisfaction that is caved for may come with out the need for vast sums of money. So it may be useful to carefully consider your real reason for gaining a billion dollars and decide if the things that you desire could be found a better way.

M G A Brown (c) 30 October 2011

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