The Goliath Conditions – Beating the Giants

Finding success in life could be one of the biggest battles that you face on a daily basis. Indeed at times it could be comparable to facing up to a great giant. So is it possible to beat the giants in your life, the situations that seem just impossible. Indeed one of the giants I faced early on was the giant of dyslexia, this brought me a battle to spell words. On promotion within British Telecom I thought hard as to how I was going to manage with my spelling challenge while working in the Service Centre. But I rose to the challenge and was able to fine several work around’s which allowed me to excel at my job. Indeed facing up to the giants in your life could be the most important thing that you do.

In the History of the Israelite’s a young man name David faced up to a Goliath in his life indeed he faced up to this Goliath with what seemed divine power.  The fact is many times in your life you may need to call on greater power than you have within yourself. I recall hearing a story of a woman who managed to lift a car up to save her baby. Indeed during the times of great adversity you may find that you are able to do things that seem impossible.  Just because a Goliath seems to be affecting your life today does not mean he will be affecting your life tomorrow.

Another giant that I faced was the giant of a stroke which seemed to threaten my life. That fact was this giant paralyzed my right hand side, but I had a made up mind that I was going to stand up against this giant. Indeed giants may come to you in many forms and guises, but the key is to stand up to these bullies. David who I mentioned earlier knew his abilities, in fact he had protected his sheep from a lion and a bear, and had killed both these animals when they had threatened the lives of his sheep, so he had no doubt that a mere giant was not going to present a problem.  David spoke boldly and was said to have defeated this giant with a stone and a sling. This goes on to prove that you should use what you know to defeat situations in life.

So just because you are facing a giant today does not mean this brute can not be defeated. Your mind is more powerful than you think, so stand up to these giants and get greater victories in your life.

MGA Brown (c) 13 September 2015

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