Are There Principles Which Govern the Universe?

Knowing The laws

Life can seem to be a series of haphazard events, but is this true? Is it possible that the Universe operates due to precise laws and principles. Indeed if you look at life you could say that many things are happening by chance, but if you consider that there are laws in operation that is creating order within areas of life. So if our existence is being directed by law or principles would it be useful to have an understanding of those laws and principles? Also by knowing the Laws an principles that guide the universe, could this allow you to life a much better life?

Knowledge from the beginning of time

There are accounts of how knowledge has and can be gained. If you look at the idea of electricity you would find that it has always been in existence, however it has only been in recent history that it was discovered and used. But the fact is that electricity has always been in existence. So from this example we can also see that there are many things that have been discovered which have always been in existence. This could lead to the idea that Knowledge and Principles of the Universe may have well been in existence since the beginning of time.

The Power of Knowing

As a child a large amount of time is spent learning and accumulating knowledge and skills. Indeed it could be said that the learning of skills and knowledge is a life long pursuit. The accumulation of knowledge, could be said to be a double-edged sword, as knowledge can be used for bad and good. so this could point to the idea of responsibility and knowledge, indeed developing good ethics might be said to be a useful prerequisite to gaining knowledge that could be extremely bad or good depending on how it is used.

Knowledge and its Correct Use

The idea of good ethics as a prerequisite to obtaining certain types of knowledge is an idea that should not be overlooked. Indeed if you look at the process of climbing a set of stairs you will observe that the lower steps need to be climbed as a prerequisite to getting to the higher steps. Indeed just looking at the idea of order in the universe may also suggest the importance of conducting things in the proper order. But you may see that if a person was to receive knowledge in the wrong order may in-fact lead to problems. So what are the basics that need to be learnt first?

The Search for knowledge

It has been said search and you will find, is this a true statement. Think of a time when you have misplace one of your things, you may note that it sometimes has only been found after diligent searching. Indeed you may have also learnt some valuable lessons like how to avoid losing the item again. It has also been said that when the student is ready the master will appear, this could suggest that once you are ready to receive certain types of knowledge the means of learning that knowledge could become available. You could also say that all knowledge is available in the world all the time, and once your eye can read its language you will understand it.


If you look at the world of science you will see that there have been discovered many laws that govern the daily life. And if we go against these laws and principles we could find many problems in life. On the other hand if you work in-line with these laws and principles you could receive many benefits from life. What do you think – Thoughts to make you think.

MGA Brown © 15 Jan 2012

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