Adversity Your Key to Greatness

Adversity Your Key to Greatness

The right words at the right time could mean the difference between great things and other things. You might be able to make your greatest progress as you rise out of adversity. You could rise past the situations that are trying to pull you down. You have greatness within you, indeed Adversity is the giant that will prove your greatness. The right word at the right time may just break adversity. You may be facing adversity in your business, in your work in your life, but the greatest people have become great by overcoming adversity. So the right words at the right time might just spur you unto greater victory. You might have tried 100 times, and failed, but this might be seen as having 100 lessons.

Thomas Edison was said to have failed 10,000 times before he created the light bulb. That means he had 10,000 lessons before he was able to create the light bulb. All I say is those were a lot of lessons, he must have had a great deal of patience. Indeed Napoleon Hill was told he would need to take around 20 years to research what makes people successful, but he would not be paid a cent for doing the work. Indeed it could be said he was working for the richest man at the time. But that adversity brought out the book “Law of Success” and also “Think and Grow Rich” to name just two of the benefits of facing that adversity.

So facing your adversity and developing a strategy to deal with it, might just be the most valuable lessons that you face. Indeed in 2008, I was struck by a stroke which paralyzed my right hand side. But going through the adversity I learned how to be disciplined and focused in order to return to full health.  Indeed I made up in my mind that I was going to return back to good health. And I kept taking action until I was able to win back my health. The fact is adversity could be the thing that test to see if you are able to achieve those things that you have set out to achieve.

You may be working towards getting your break through and at times it may seem as though you are not achieving what you desire. But the battle with adversity could be something that your mind needs to propel  you to greater growth. So it is up to you whether you will take on the challenges that you face. So will you use the situations that you face to drive you to greater heights?

MGA Brown (c) September 2015

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