Could Meditation and fasting Be a Key To Business Success

Back in 2008 while laying in a hospital bed following a stroke which may have come to take me out of this world, may have come a revelation which could be the key to true success in life. My world had just collapsed; my business stress may have been one of the contributing factors towards the stroke which now paralysed my right hand side. Indeed if another stroke followed then all my business enterprises would come to an abrupt end. But one thought that was at the back of my mind is that I was going to recover and make a come back.

Indeed the road back to health was not an easy one, but one of the greatest things I had was people around me. People and loving people is one of the keys to the greatest successes in life. These are the things that you may take for granted, but these are the greatest building blocks in your life. Stability is another thing that is a key to success in life but is often overlooked, maybe not intentionally but it often is. Being able to stand on a firm foundation is something you may be taking for granted. Never take any thing for granted, always treasure the things in your life.

But the simple idea of taking times of meditation and fasting to reflect and evaluate your current position in life could be some of the most important elements that could add the greatest value to your business and personal life. Indeed the idea of slowing down and evaluating may be the fastest way to achieving much more in your life.

The fact is during times of fasting and meditation allowed me to see clearly all the issues which were clouding my life. Once these issues were resolved everything came clearly back into focus. You may not think that small issues can block you, but the fact is little unresolves issues can be keys that prevent you from moving forward. So It could be time to take time away from the hustle and bustle and reflect carefully to clear all the hindrances that may be stopping you from moving forward.

MGA Brown (c) August 2015


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