The Power of a Clear Conscience

The Need for A Clear Conscience

 The need for a clear conscience may be one of the greatest things that you could find in life. Being able to know that your mind is free perhaps is a treasure of great price. So how can you obtain a clear and clean conscience? There is a saying that the truth is what can make a person free. So if this is true then accepting the truth in your mind might be one of the most important things that can happen in your life. The idea that an unclear conscience could lead to illness and sickness could be a point of great importance. If your body is affected by bad thoughts this could show the need to think in right ways. So this could also suggest that the statement, a healthy mind leading to a healthy body, may be true.

Doing the Right Thing

Sometimes after doing things which may have caused problems to another person could lead to you feeling bad. Indeed many times the only way to deal with the problem is by speaking to the person you have done the wrong to and addressing the problem. The longer an issue is left not addressed might lead to greater problems in the future, so it could be useful to face the problem as early as possible. So the idea of dealing with things early could be the best type of action to take. If you compare it to a wound the longer the wound is left untreated the greater the chance of infection occurring, so prompt action is required to prevent greater problems.

Mind House Keeping

The idea of keeping your mind clean and free of clutter could be something that may be useful. If you look at the example of keeping your house clean and tidy on a regular basis can prevent a buildup of dirt and mess. Just as regular cleaning of your home can prevent some long-term problems, you could also say that problems with your mind might be prevented by the same reasoning. By regularly working at cleansing your mind of useless thoughts may give you great benefits. Just like the idea that regular house cleaning can prevent long-term problems.


The mind could be thought of as the main workroom for all things that happen in your life, so by taking time to ensure your mind is clean and tidy may bring great dividends. What do you think? Thoughts to Make you Wonder.

MGA Brown (c) 2 April 2012

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder.”
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