How to Get Over Yourself and Finally Feel Good!

How to get over yourself and start feeling good?

In life one of the key things that many people might desire is to feel good. If you consider that the accumulation of wealth and fortunes may well start from a desire to feel good. But one interesting thought is that many of the material things that you may acquire during the course of your life might not actually cause you to feel good. So if material things do not lead you to the good feeling that you desire what could you use to fill that empty void? Could it be that you already have the capacity within you to create a good feeling, possibly by changing the way that you think?

The Concept of the Power of a Tree

If you consider that you could travel thousands of miles around the world to look at beautiful scenery and gain a wonderful feeling. You could find that by visiting a garden near were you live you may in-fact gain the same wonderful feeling. This leads to the question, is it the scenery that is allowing you to feel good, or is it the way that you are thinking that is leading to the wonderful feeling. This is a very important question, and it could save you thousands of pounds and also hours of travel. It was once seen that a child travelling to a country actually enjoyed the journey and the preparation to fly to the holiday location than the actual holiday, and that could suggest that the act of travelling and the anticipation may have given more pleasure than the actual holiday.

What are the things that give you the good feeling?

So this could lead to the question, what is the thought process that allows you to have a good feeling, and what do you need to do to replicate this feel on demand? By answering this question you might find that you are able to get the good feeling that you require, by consciously following a set thought process. For example Napoleon Hill in his 20 year research of 500 self-made millionaires found 16 things that they all did and had in common. So based on this idea, you could suggest that there are a number of things that if you do them you will get a good feeling.

What to you really want from Life?

Many people say that if they get certain things in life they would feel good, but after getting these things, they may find that they feel empty and unfulfilled? So if you are able to get to the root of this issue, and find out the things that you need to stimulate your mind. You could discover what things that you really need in-order to create a good feeling. If this is the case the thousands of pounds that you spend during the course of your life could be saved. This would mean you could gain the inner good feeling by using something that you may well have had all the time – Thoughts to Make You Wonder.

MGA Brown © 20 May 2013

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