Peace – The Source Within

The Idea of Taking Responsibility

Having peace within could be one of the most important things in life, Indeed reaching a point where you can feel at peace during difficult times could be very important. But do you cause many of the problems that come into your life by virtue of the choices that you make? And could you improve your life by learning from your mistakes and making better choices? Indeed it could be said that the people who take responsibility for their actions may in-fact achieve more in life. The Idea of blaming other people and blaming situations could be thought of as giving away your power. And the idea of taking responsibility could be the tool to empower you to finding and achieving more in life. The statement that “I am where I am in life because of decisions I have made could be one of the more empowering statements. So could this lead to finding peace within and might understanding yourself help you to achieve this.

The Power of making your Decisions

The Ability to make decisions and to stick to those decisions has been said to be one of the things that can allow you to find greater success in life. It was found that people who were able to make quick decisions tended to be people who achieved more success in life. This was found in a 20 year research conducted by Napoleon Hill. It was said that he studied the lives of 500 people who had become millionaires by their own efforts. And he found a number of things that allowed a person to find success in life, one of these was the idea of being able to make quick decisions and sticking to those decisions. So by developing the habit of making quick decisions could be one of the things that could allow a person to get more out of life.

Learning from Mistakes to find more peace in Life

Mistakes could be thought of as unpleasant things that can occur in your life, but the idea of learning lessons from those mistakes could be away of turning those unpleasant occasions into future blessings. Indeed the lessons learnt from these unfortunate conditions could allow you to find the greater peace and harmony that you desire in your life. If you can consciously learn valuable lessons from the mistakes that have occurred, you may well be on the road to greater peace in your life. Indeed it could be said that the journey to find peace may take time and effort, but many things in life that are worth having might take a great deal of time and effort. But the peace that you obtain after exerting the effort may make it more rewarding.


Finding peace in life may be something that requires dealing with many challenging situations, and you may make a number of mistakes along the way. But by learning important lessons could help you to find the greater peace that you desire. The ability to make quick decisions could also assist you in gaining more out of life. But by looking at mistakes as useful lessons could help you in your journey towards more peace in life. What do you think – Thoughts to make you think.

MGA Brown (c) 11 January 2012


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