How to Become Successful- Tips to Be Taken Seriously!

How to Become Successful – Tips to Be Taken Seriously!


Knowing The Principles
The road to success can be a difficult one that can seem to be unclear and hit and miss, so what are the things that you should know to allow you to find the real success that you really want in your life? There have been a number of writers who have commented on the key points to bringing success, but one of the ideas that seems to be more important is the idea that everything in this universe is dictated by Laws and principles. It could be suggested that understanding Universal law is one of the keys to being successful. So what are these universal laws and principles that need to be adhered to? Also the idea that people who have been consistently successful are said to work in line with universal laws and principles.

The Idea that thoughts affect our results
The way that you think could be said to have a huge impact on the results that you get in your life, and there have been numerous books written about how the mind works. The fact is if a person can understand the background to how the mind works would be very useful. Also understanding the key laws and principles that affect success.

Success Principles
Some of the Laws and ideas that have been commented on are. Law of Attraction – What ever you focus on with strong feeling you attract to you, this has been written about by a number of writers including Christian D Lawson who raises attention about the importance of knowing how the mind works.

Law of Success – This is made of 16 principles starting from Desire, Auto-suggestion, The Mastermind, Going the extra mile, Concentration, Co-operation, the habit of doing more than what you are paid for, Tolerance, Enthusiasm, Self-confidence, Habit of saving, Pleasing Personality, Self-Control, Initiative and leadership, Imagination, Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

Being Clear about What you Desire
It has been seen that people who have achieved success know what they want. It is very important to have a clear picture of how success will look for you. Some writers have said that you need to have a “definite chief aim” others have spoken about the idea of having goals that are specific a measurable. But it is most essential to be very clear about the things that you consider as success. It has also been suggested that your main desire would benefit from being a burning passionate desire. People who tend to achieve success seem to have self-confidence and have faith that they will achieve success.

Failure can be a Stepping Stone to Success
When failure occurs when working towards success may seem as something negative, but your attitude could turn every failure into a tool to drive you to greater success. An important point would be to learn lessons from every failure, and ensure that you look how you can use it to help you to be more focused and determined to be successful.

M G A Brown (c) September 2011

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