Is This the Time To Get Violent With Negative Thoughts?

Negative thoughts could be considered one of the most destructive influences on a person. They could be considered one of the reasons that might cause a person to fail from achieving success in many areas of life. But how can you turn something that is negative into a positive experience? Also is it a good idea to get violent with negative thoughts?

The Power Of Learning From Failure

It was found in a twenty year research of people who had become wealthy after starting out with nothing, that one of the key attributes to their success was the ability to learn lessons from failure. Indeed a great many people would treat failure as a negative condition, but these people had transmuted or changed it into success. One of the common problems that seem to face everyone could be said to be failure. This is something that could be said to affect everyone in life. But a key issue is how you deal with failure.

Thomas Edison; A Lesson From Failure

It has been said that Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times when he was trying to make the first electric light bulb. Many people would give up after the first 100 to 1000 attempts, but the power of determination drove Edison to continue until he succeeded. It appeared that he had gained something positive from the negative experience. He may not have become violent with the negative thoughts, but he persevered until he succeeded. That determination to succeed had transformed the lives of every generation that has followed.

Violence and Negative Thoughts

A key lesson may be that in life if you want to find success, you may have to be determined and keep trying, even when you want to give up. The resilience to negative events may be something that Mr Edison had mastered. So this lesson may be something that could allow you to overcome negative thoughts. Becoming violent with negative thoughts may seem extreme, but a better phrase might be, it is time to get determined to overcome negative thoughts. Fixed, focused, determination may be the only way in many cases to overcome the negative thoughts that come in your mind, but sometimes this determination could be the only way to overcome. The made up mind, could be your greatest tool to succeed in overcoming the negative thoughts, but is their another tool that you can also use?

Changing the Environment

If you are in an environment where people are continually speaking in terms of negativity, the best thing you can do is to get a change of environment or make changes to the environment. We are influenced consciously and/or subconsciously by the things in our environment. The things that you hear and see can have a serious impact on your life, hence it is important that you avoid situations and environments where negativity exist.


The negative thought can be one of the toughest thought to shift, but anything in life worth having can take determination and a made up mind. Also it is important to evaluate the environment that you are in as this will have an impact on the thoughts that can in your mind.

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