Is There a Reward for Righteous Living?

What things would you change

If you have made great effort to live a life where you try to be kind and helpful to other people, but you do not always get thanks, I have good news. You may be doing good and it may often feel that you are not appreciated, but do not despair. Continue to do the best you can do, one day you will see the fruits of your labor. One point I would add is that you should continue to improve yourself, and study to improve your abilities. Use every negative experience as a lesson, decide to learn lessons, and be positive and build on your successes. Imagine that you were being watched every moment of the day, and every action that you made was being recorded. What things would you change, about your attitude, and the quality of work that you do? What if you were going to receive a great reward for every genuine smile that you gave. What if you would be greatly rewarded for the sincere acts of good that you committed. What things would you start to do differently, and how would you change your life?

The Power To Change Your Life

Could it be said that you hold the key to the power to change your life? Indeed if someone could prove to you that you had the power to live a different life, than you are living now would you be interested? What if this life is just a test run for a life which could be much better, but depending on your actions during this life, would you have a different outlook on life? What if you where to receive the equivalent of a million dollars for every person that you forgave, how would you react? Imagine you could write down your perfect day, and write down the life you want to live, what would you write? If you had the power to re-create the world, how would you re-design it? Why not do that as an exercise, and write down these things, and see the power you may receive by writing down these plans.

The Power Of Conscious Choice

If you consider every person on the planet, you will notice something that we all have. Indeed you will find that you have something that could have the power to change and even transform your life. You have something that could potentially change many areas of your life and the way that you live. So what is this thing that you have that can bring great changes to your life? And what is this power that can transform your life? Well this power may be more simple than you think, and it could be much easier than it may appear. Well the power is the power to choose, yes it is the power to make conscious choices. You have the power to make choices in your life, you have the power to decide what you will choose from moment to moment. You are the director of your life, you are the ruler of your actions.


Could it be a fact that you have the power to change your life by the decisions that you make, and would it be useful to write down the main things that you desire in life, and a plan to achieve it. Do you believe that you have the power to make conscious choices. What do you think – Thoughts To Make You Think.

M G A Brown (c) 12 November 2011

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think”
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