Thoughts and the Subconscious – Can We Control Everything We Think?

Control Everything That we Think

The idea of controlling everything that you think is a very important thought to look at. Indeed the mind would seem to receive many thoughts throughout the course of the day. Many of these thoughts we could wonder why they came into our mind in the first place, and the idea that we may have been influenced by someone else may come to mind. Indeed the places that we go to and the information that we receive could well be contributing to the thoughts that may be entering our subconscious mind. The idea of subliminal messages going directly to our subconscious mind is also something that you may also have to be aware of. So is it possible to control everything that you think, or is it just some things you are able to control.

The Power Of Awareness

When you are aware of situations or situations have been brought to your attention, this can be quite useful for you. For example if you have been warned that a chair you were about to sit upon is broken or damaged, it can allow you to avoid being injured or hurt. So the idea of awareness could have a very useful effect, So the idea that you are considering that thoughts are entering your mind could be of benefit to you. Indeed the whole idea of thinking is generally associated with the conscious mind, as we make our decisions while using the Objective Conscious Mind. But the subconscious mind is thought to work in the back ground on an unconscious level, hence we may not be aware of thoughts in the subconscious. But can we control the thoughts that come into the subconscious mind?

How can you Control Thoughts That Go to Your Subconscious Mind?

The idea of controlling the thoughts that go into your subconscious mind may seem difficult. But one way to tackle this is on a conscious level, would be useful to not allow yourself in environments that may influence your subconscious mind in a bad way. An idea of this if you are aware that watching a TV program that display certain types of food will increase your desire to eat those foods, then you should avoid watching those types of programs. The interesting thing is that we may be affected by the things that come into our environment.

The Act of Control via Concentration

It has been said that the act of meditation is a means of focusing your mind, this is by developing your ability to concentrate. So the development of your concentration may allow you to gain some control over the thoughts that you think. It could be said that we are the creatures of habit, it could be a fact that you think in a certain way because you have developed the habit to think that way. The point is it has been found that it takes around 30 days to develop habits, so to develop a new way of thinking may require practising the new habit that you desire for around 30 days. Affirmations may be one of the tools to assist you in learning the new habit that you desire.


Many thoughts may be entering your mind during the course of the day, but by having an awareness that you may be receiving influence from factors beyond your control could help you to take action to consciously consider whether any thought is beneficial. And if you are aware that you are tempted by certain things, it would be a good Idea to avoid going to places where you may be tempted. It has been said that we live in a world of cause and effect, meaning that we are creating our life by the actions that we take. This means that it may be wise to think about the decisions that you take and the possible results that will come in your life due to those decisions. What do you think? – Thoughts To Make You Think.

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