What Is the Profit in Gaining Everything in This World and Losing Your Integrity?

Shelter From The Rain

 In life the media shows you images of the things that you should be seeking for in life, beautiful mansions, expensive cars. We are shown many of these images from the day that we are born, but what is a home, is it not a shelter from the rain, cold, snow etc. Is it not a place where you can get protection from the elements of nature. What is a car is it not a means to travel from one place to another. So how many cars does it take to travel across a city one, ten, twenty, the fact is you can only travel in one car at a time. You can only sleep in one bed at a time, you can only be physically in one home at a time. So what should be your priorities?


The Importance of Having a Living Conscience

There is a film on YouTube which shows the story of the boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, in it you see Mr Ali calling Mr Frazier all kind of demeaning names to promote the boxing match. But on the day of the fight called “Thrilla in Manila” you notice that this is not just a fight it is war. The fight is stopped in the 14th round and just after Mr Ali is said to be the winner of the fight, he collapses on the floor and nearly dies. So was it useful for Mr Ali to insult Mr Frazier like that just in the name of promoting a boxing fight? Mental attacks on another person causes hurt, so it is important not to cause intention or unintentional mental harm to another person. There is a universal principle called cause and effect, which infers that the things that we do will have effects on the things that happen to us in later life. So it could be a good idea to be conscious of the effects that your actions have on other people.


The Idea of An After Life

It has been said that if we do good in this life we get a reward in a life after this, and if we do bad then we will have eternal punishment. If you think about many of the rich people who lived a hundred fifty years ago, you will notice that they are all dead. Death is a fact of life and how we are remembered can make a big impact on the lives of our family who live after us. So would it not be a good idea to leave a good name, so that when you have gone people speak well of you, What do you think – Thoughts To Make You Think

M G A Brown © 6 November 2011

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think”
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