The Need For More Real Gratitude

In this consumer society you could find that many of the important things could be getting overlooked in the need for more and more things to consume. Indeed the need to have a healthy mind and healthy body could be found to be of greater importance. So how can you ensure that you develop and maintain the best views and attitude to ensure that you have a healthy mind and body?

Could Gratitude Be a Key Factor

Character and other developed qualities are things that can take a long time to develop, and in this consumer driven society a person might be tempted to think that these qualities can be generated very quickly. But the fact is that some of the good qualities may take a great deal of time and effort to obtain. Indeed many of these qualities could be the things needed to ensure that you live a stable balanced life. The need to have gratitude could be said to be one of these qualities that could be found to offer real genuine value in the lives of people today. The need for real genuine gratitude could be one of the things that the mind may require in-order to gain a sense of real satisfaction. So could it be time that people begin to develop a real sense of gratitude in this present society.

The need for good mental food

In-order to maintain a good healthy mind and body, it could be said that you will need a number of key ingredients in-order to achieve this balance. It could be said in-order for you to have a healthy body you would need to have a healthy mind. The idea of having a sound mind and wholesome thoughts could be said to be a very important ingredient in maintaining a healthy functioning body. So it also could be suggested that being grateful for the good things that are in your life could be a very useful starting point. Indeed the idea of being grateful for positive things that have happened in your life may be something that allows you to generate healthy thoughts and this could be of benefit in developing a healthy body.

Positive Benefits

Are there positive benefits associated with having and developing a mindset of being more grateful? If you think about times when you have been thanked for good deeds that you have done you could find the experience had good feelings in your mind. You could also say that positive experience would have had beneficial effects for your body as well. So the idea of receiving appreciation and thanks may have giving you many powerful tangible benefits. This could lead to the idea that real positive experiences of gratitude may have substantial effects for you as a whole.

The Power in Genuine Gratitude

It could be said that we humans have the ability to sense when a person is giving true genuine words of appreciation, and when the words are false. It could be suggested that false words of appreciation may feel some what distasteful. And so the words given may say one thing, but the tone of voice, body language might be conveying a negative statement. Hence when giving gratitude, it could be said that you need to be truthful to yourself and the other person. So it may be important to consider the thoughts you have when speaking words of gratitude.

What do you think? – Thoughts to make you think.

MGA Brown (c) 16 July 2013.

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