Increasing Growth Through Gratitude

Increase growth and development would seem to be two important aspects in the improvement in the quality of life, it could be said that many people would be seeking new and better ways to achieve it. Self development is one of the areas that many people would desire to gain greater growth, but finding an effective method to achieve this is something much sort after. So how can you gain better growth, and could the key be via gratitude?

Gratitude a Power for Change?

Is the act of gratitude a catalyst for producing permanent change and growth in your life? If you consider a principle called “Cause and Effect”, you could see that every cause that you make will have an effect in your life at some stage. This leads to the idea that a positive cause could lead to a positive effect and a non-positive cause could lead to a non-positive effect. So if we were to follow this principle then by applying the idea of gratitude you could also suggest that positive results could follow. Another interesting idea could be, what level of gratitude would be required to develop a positive result. And also is it possible to reach a point where you could get consistently positive results. Indeed this leads to the question, does having a consistent attitude of gratitude lead to increased personal growth? If it is possible then this would be a result that would be worth achieving.

The Idea of a Gratitude Mindset

The idea of mindset could be one of the important ideas when we discuss the idea of growth and self-improvement. Indeed, the idea that a fixed set of attitudes can govern your responses could be worth looking at. Indeed it could be suggested that if you change your mindset you could also change your results in life. So it might be said that by developing a gratitude mindset may lead to useful results. So if you were to begin consciously acknowledging things in your life which you could be grateful for perhaps you might find that you may start to think in new and more beneficial ways of thinking. And maybe this could lead to many positive changes in the circumstances in your life. And you could find that you may develop better and greater growth in important areas of your life. What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.

MGA Brown (c) 16 July 2013.

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