The Real Power of Gratitude

Can real power be found in gratitude? Indeed does the art of appreciation lead to real benefits in your life and the life of other people? Indeed is gratitude something that you should think of consciously everyday, to gain real benefits from life? Also does thoughts of gratitude have an effect on you and other people?

Benefits of Gratitude

It has been suggested by proponents of self-development, that having an attitude of gratitude can be a very important component in the development of a state known as the Law of Attraction. This term is based around the belief that the thoughts and feelings that you have affect the conditions that are attracted to you. It is suggested that the things that you think about with associated feelings can attract things to you. For example if you have thoughts that you are going to have a bad day, and you feel bad as well, it could cause you to begin to have a bad day based on your current state of mind.

So the idea of positive thoughts with the associated good feelings might be the key to having a positive day and feeling good during that day. Indeed it has been said that there is a principle called “cause and effect”, which indicates that the things that you cause in your life will have an effect later in your life. Based on this idea, it means that every decision that you make will have an effect on the events in your life.

Consciously Living the Gratitude Mindset
To have a mindset based on the idea of gratitude, can be something that may take a great deal of effort to develop. But the results that you could gain could make it worth the effort that you put in. It could mean that you would need to consciously focus your mind on looking at the things in life that you are grateful for, even when life seems to be giving you a difficult time. Indeed this could take a great deal of will power, but it could be useful to start with very small achievable goals, this could be better than starting with large un-achievable goals. A small gratitude goal could be all that you need to get moving, and this can lead to you achieving, larger and larger gratitude goals.

Gratitude Goals
Your gratitude goals could be as simple as taking a few minutes each day to be grateful, for your five senses, taking time to focus on how valuable each sense is to you. You could see the abilities that you have and the opportunities around you. Perhaps these thoughts of gratitude could start you thinking in more positive ways. So in doing this your gratitude goals may in-fact begin to transform your life, a little at a time. What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.
MGA Brown (c) 10 July 2013.


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