Interdependence the Link With Gratitude

If you look at the many things that you do in life, you would notice that there are many things and people whom you depend on to allow you to have a happy life. For example if there were no one sweeping the streets, you could find that your journey along the street could become very unpleasant due to the build-up of litter. So It could be that you are more interdependent than you may realise. So what has interdependence got to do with gratitude?

The power of connection

It could be said that everyone is affected by everyone else on the planet. For example consider a meal that you may eat cooked with things from your local supermarket. All components of your meal could be found to come from many different areas of the world, the utensils that you are using and the table and chairs. So indirectly your experience of your meal is being created by many people all around the world. So the idea that you are interdependent could be seen in that example. So the fact is that we all have a reliance on people right across the globe. This leads to the idea that the experience that you gain is made up of the efforts of many people all around the world. Indeed this can show that the experience that you gain in many areas of your life can be found to be attributed to the combined efforts of many people world-wide.

The picture of world-wide gratitude

You can see that we could be now looking at a picture of gratitude which can be seen to extend much further than your local area. This can form an idea that your needs and wants are being satisfied by a large interdependent network across the world. Indeed it can show that you have a great number of people to be grateful to for supplying your needs. This shows how dependent we are on the efforts of each other.

The idea of world-wide gratitude could be a picture that could link mankind in greater harmony, but this is something we will need to consciously work towards. Having true gratitude and looking at the benefits of being interdependent could be the catalyst for greater appreciation. The development of appreciation is something that could be needed in order to provide greater harmony. But by truly looking at how we are affected by millions of people in a positive way, could be a useful way to move your mind to greater thoughts of gratitude for the state of interdependence. What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.

MGA Brown (c) 7 July 2013

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