Nature a Tool to Develop Gratitude

Can nature be found to be a powerful tool in the development of gratitude? Indeed can a walk in the park have a powerful effect on your live on an ongoing basis?

Nature a gift to you

It has been said that the best things in life are free, indeed if you consider that many of the most important things that you have could be freely given to you. The air that you breathe is something that nature provides on an ongoing basis. Water comes freely from the sky, the sun provides so many of the essential things that are required to sustain life. Indeed many of the life-sustaining things that you need could be said to be found in nature. So by looking at the gifts that are given by nature you could find reasons to have gratitude.

So why is it useful to develop gratitude

It has been suggested that the things that you focus on with strong feelings may be attracted to you, this idea seems to originate from a principle known as “The Law of Attraction”. The idea is that the things that you think about with strong feelings you tend to attract to you. Also it is suggested that people who show gratitude for the things that they currently have may attract other good things into their life. You could see this in the idea that when someone shows appreciation for good things that you give then, this may encourage you to give them other help in the future. This is because they respected the fact that you did not have to help them. And by saying thank you can show appreciation; the words thank you can go a very long way. Indeed the words thank you is all that is required in many situations, as this can show the real feeling of gratitude that the person has.

Is there power in a walk in the park

It has been said that a dog might not appreciate the use of its tail, until it has lost it. It could be said that the simple things such as walking in the park, or river or canal may be powerful tools. They could be said to be very powerful tools which might lift your mood, and give you a greater feeling of well-being. If you consider that walking or sitting in a beautiful park could have a profound effect on you. By taking time to relax in a tranquil natural environment, could give you the breath of fresh air that helps to remove built up stress. Indeed the ability to walk, is something that should not be taken for granted; old age can creep up and steel the ability to walk, so it could be wise to appreciate all of these gifts that you have in life.


By looking at the many benefits that you gain from nature could be the catalyst that could start positive change occurring in your life. Indeed you could find that you have an endless list of benefits if you take your time and carefully consider benefits of nature in your life. What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.

MGA Brown (c) 7 July 2013

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