You Are the Writer of a Best Seller!

Today you could be the writer of a best-selling book, but one of the problems you face is how to get started. This is the same challenge I faced when I started to write books. Indeed I was not very good at English at school and being dyslexic was one of my greatest challenges. That was one of the problems that gave me the greatest problem during my schooling. But did you know that Richard Branson suffers from dyslexia but currently he lives on his own island? And you know that Richard Branson is one of the most successful business persons often spoken about. Indeed it could be suggested that he has mentors and coaches who assist him is creating such great success. So it could be the case that there are many challenges that are stopping you from writing your first book. Indeed I went to the same secondary school that Lord Alan Sugar attended, but it did not stop him from becoming a very successful businessman.

Not Having a Mentor

One of the key things that could be preventing you from writing your book is the lack of a good mentor. Indeed if you look at most people who have become successful you will notice that they may have a mentor or a coach. The great thing about having a mentor is you will have a person on your side who has achieved the thing that you desire to achieve. Indeed you could say that the fastest way to achieve your goals is to learn directly from someone who has already achieved those goals. Why waste valuable years of your life, when you could achieve the same results in just a few days with the right help.

Is the Challenge Money?

Money is often one of the greatest challenges that stops many people from achieving the success that they want in life. You could say that it is OK for you, but I can not pay for a coach or a mentor. But I am sure you realise that “where there is a will there is a way”. One of the greatest things about us humans is that we are mighty creators. Yes we have the power to create solutions to any kind of problem. The fact is that when you think out of the box, you are able to find solutions to the things that you considered the greatest problems. But you are one of the greatest problem solvers. You have been solving problems from the day that you were born. In-fact your powerful mind, and subconscious mind is able to give you solutions to some of the greatest problems in your life.

The Power of a Burning Desire

One of the things that has been discovered, that can allow you to find the success, that you want is having a burning desire. Napoleon Hill found in his study of 500 self-made millionaires over a period of 20 years, that success starts with a burning passionate desire. Indeed the way that you think will affect whether you find success in life. So by thinking in the same way that successful people think will allow you to get better results. So if you want to finally start writing the book that you have within you, this could be the day that will change your life. Your desire to write could be the flame that will start the fire of your book to burn. So make the first step and write the book that you have known that you have always had inside you.

MGA Brown (c) February 2015

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3 Important things that lead to Success – By MGA Brown

There are 3 Important things that lead to success
1. You must know what you want
2. You must think about and see a clear picture of what you want.
3. You must have faith in your abilities backed by determination.

So lets look at these 3 points in more detail

1. You must know what you want.
Success always starts from knowing what you want, it has been found that people who become successful know what they want. To look at it another way is to have a burning passionate desire, this will drive you to take the positive action to achieve your desire. Your goal has to be very clear; it has to be specific for example if you said I would like to have a lot of money that would not be specific. But if you said that I want to have £100,000 that would be specific. And this means you can also measure when you have achieved your goal of having £100,000. But it is important that you give yourself a date when you want to attain the money by, and this needs to be realistic and attainable.

2. You must think about and see a clear picture of what you want.
You have to have a clear picture of what the achieved desire or goal will look like. For example if you wanted a home, it would be important to know the details of the home that you desire. If you were to go to an architect and ask them to design you a home, you would need to tell the architect all the things that you want in the home. Once the details have been given to the architect, he or she would then be able to produce a drawing of the home that you desire.

Once you have a clear picture of what your success will look like then you have to ensure that you think about it strongly, this could be done my auto-suggestion, where you write down and read what is your desire and what you are prepared to give for it and think about it everyday. The important thing is that you need to take action to move closer to achieving it.

It is important to have a clear plan of how you intend to set out to achieve your desire. I would say that the better that you make your plans the better your chances of achieving your desire.  And if you fail in your attempts it is important to learn from the mistakes, and try again, and keep trying until you succeed to achieve your desire. I think it is advisable to seek a desire that could not cause harm to others.

3. You must have faith in your abilities backed by determination.
You have to have faith in your abilities that you will achieve your desire or goal, it has been seen that people who have achieved success have complete faith that they will achieve it. It has been seen that people have been healed because they have faith in the tablets that the doctor has given them. It is very important the thoughts that we allow in our minds, because it has been found that a healthy person can end up becoming ill if they believe that they are ill. That is why it is very important that we think of what we want and not what we do not want. That is why if a person is in debt, if they are just thinking about the debt then they end up in more debt, but if they instead think of solutions and abundance then they have a better chance of finding solutions to overcome the debt.

It is very important to have faith in your abilities to achieve your desires and be determined to keep trying until you have achieved your desire. It has been found that people who are successful do not give up because of failed attempts, but keep on trying until they succeed, and it is very important to work in harmony with other people.  When we work in harmony with other people we are able to achieve a lot more in a shorter time. The best leaders know how to inspire their people to work together in harmony to achieve their goals.

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MGA Brown is a motivational speaker and success coach, he has coached many people all around the world from places like UK, China, Philippines and Morocco. MGA has many successful coaching clients who can testify to how his methods have lead them to greater success in many areas of their life. MGA has recently been on a Trade Mission to China and has met with many of the heads of government in the Guangzhou and Dong guan areas.

MGA with the Mayor of Redbridge and senior Directors in the
Guangzhou Government

MGA is planning to work closely with Universities in China to empower and help students to become job ready. He has worked with many people in the UK who have gone on to find employment and has instilled in them the importance of adding value to clients, and why it is important to practice initiative which can lead to leadership.

MGA has used these same success principles to recover from a stroke at the age of 48, he applied the principles and was able to make a full recovery and now lives the life of his dreams.

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Wealth And Happiness – Does One Lead To the Other?

Increase Wealth – How About Being Happy With What You Have?


In this life one of the important things is being able to have the necessary things needed for living. With out these basics life would be impossible. But to enjoy life more and to get the best experiences may require more resources. The main resource used in exchange for these experiences is money. So the need to have a good supply of money is something that is essential in order to enjoy the many experiences in life. One of the problems is how much money is necessary to enjoy the desired experiences in life. This can lead to a desire to earn more money in order to gain these experiences. So how much wealth should be reasonable in-order to live? And is it possible to be happy with the wealth that you currently have?

What is Happiness? and How Much Wealth Do You need to Be Happy?

Being able to define the thing that happiness means to you is a useful starting point in finding happiness. The ability to measure when you are happy will need to be based on the things that you need in-order to have happiness. It has been said that the best things in life are free, indeed things like life and health are things that might be taken for granted, but without these important things then many of the other things in life could become meaningless. The air that we breath might also be taken for granted, and the water that falls from the sky, it could be very important to begin to treasure and appreciate these simple things, without which life here may not be possible.

Great simple sources of riches

So indeed by looking at the many things that you take for granted could be a great source of things to be appreciated, this may lead to finding more joy. the fact that you may have a powerful mind could also be something that you could find is of great value, and it could be useful to realize the value. It has been said that a dog does not know the use of its tail until it has lost it. So it could be useful to treasure the things that you take for granted. You may find that you have more to be happy about than you first realize.

Godliness with Contentment Is Great Gain

The Idea that Godliness with contentment leads to great gain, is an interesting concept. If you look at the materialist world you could notice that you may never reach a point where you are completely satisfied with all the things that you may possess. If you consider that you are constantly being sold the latest version of products that you currently have, but does each version increase your level of happiness. And can material things bring you true joy and happiness? Indeed if you think of a time that you were truly happy, what were the things that lead to you feeling the state of happiness. And were they material things that gave you the true happiness?


The idea that having wealth is a prerequisite to finding great joy and happiness could end up being a great illusion and it may be the case that great happiness and joy could be in-fact found much nearer than you believe in the simple things that are already around you. So your source of greater happiness may already be in your possession. What do you think – Thoughts to make you think.

MGA Brown (c) 11 January 2012

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think”
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Right Thinking A Key To A Happy Life?

The Idea of Right Thoughts


If you consider that before you can create any thing, you first need an idea of the things that you desire to create. You could say that most things start from an idea, then a plan is made, followed by action to bring about your idea. So let us consider that if a good idea is followed by a good plan, and by positive action, you could achieve good results.

Planning How to Think Right Thoughts

Everything in life would tend to start from a desire, It could be suggested that having a very clear picture of the things that you desire could be a very good starting point. Next could be the idea of carefully designing a plan, looking at the things that allow you to be happy and ways to avoid things that leads to unhappiness. There will be things which you have no control over, but also things that you are in control of. There are things that will require a great deal of will power, for example to give up smoking could take a great amount of will power and determination.

The Battle in the Mind

Some of the greatest battles may be in your mind, if you consider when a person is trying to give up an addiction, you will see that the greatest part of the battle could be said to be in the mind. The ability to master your “Will” could be one of the toughest challenges that you could face. So learning to develop your will power could be one of the skills that you may need to master.

Benefits of Thinking Right Thoughts

The ability to keep your mind focused on useful,right thoughts could be said to be a useful skill to develop. If it is possible how could you go about acquiring these skills? Where would be the best place to start, and how long could it take to develop them. If you consider most skills that are worth having could be said to require time and effort. But the satisfaction that you could gain could be one of the great rewards for investing your time. But if you consider a large number of desires in life are achievable but may require determined persistent effort to achieve them, This could mean you may need to invest a lot of your time and effort to succeed.

Acquiring Skills by Setting Goals

The setting of goals could be said to be a very useful method of working towards your desire. Goals need to be realistic, and achievable and you should set a time when they need to be completed by as well as having a clear picture of what your completed goal will look like, For example setting a goal of being wealthy may not be a good goal. A better goal could be I want to save 1 thousand pounds in 12 months. This is not ambiguous, and is limited to a specific time. You will also be able to measure when this goal is complete. A key factor is that your goal could be manageable and achievable.


The thoughts that you think on a daily basis could be said to lead to the actions and results that you may get in life. So to get thoughts that bring you a happier life may depend on thinking in different ways. The road to better thought may involve a great deal of will power, and a tool that might help is by setting effective goals to help you to achieve it. But as it has been said that many good things in life do not come easy so you may have to put in great effort to mastering right thinking in order to gain a happier life.

MGA Brown (c) 4 June 2013

The Power of Gratitude – Things to Be Grateful For

In this life you could find that there are many things that are currently lacking in your life, indeed it could seem as though there are many things that you currently need but do not have. It could be that your life is filled with a sea of unfulfilled wishes and desires. And it could feel that you never seem to achieve these things that you desire in life. So how can you change this situation and begin to have the things that you desire. And what is the process that can lead you to the transformation that you desire in your life.

Your Outlook is Your Outlook

The outlook that you have on life could be said to be the combination of thoughts that you have in your mind. These thoughts could be said to be generated by the many influences that surround you on a daily basis. Indeed you could say that everyday you are influenced by images and sounds that impress on your mind, and these images and sounds affect you on a conscious and subconscious level. Many of the things you begin to desire could be said to have originated from the ideas and thoughts of other people. For example an enticing advert may begin a desire that you previously did not have. So the writer of the advert has now influenced you and you now have a new desire which you previously did not have. It could be the case that something that you where previously happy with, and gained great joy from has now been replaced with dissatisfaction. So your previous gratitude may have been removed because a new desire for the new item due to the clever advertisement.

The power to take back your gratitude

Can you take back your gratitude? In-order to take back your gratitude you would first need to acknowledge that it was lost in the first place. It would be very useful for you to take your time and think about the things that you have been very grateful for. Think about the things that have really given you great joy in the past. You could also think about the simple things that you may have found the greatest satisfaction in. Indeed in those thoughts you may find many of the things that have given you the greatest joy during your life. Maybe you could think back to your earliest happy memory, it could be useful for you to feel a feeling of gratitude for that experience. It may be useful to really focus on the feeling of joy that you felt during that experience.

The Memories in the treasure trove of your mind

If you consider that within you’re mind you may have stored many rich and wealthy stores of happy and wonderful memories. Imagine going into that store and taking out one of them and reliving those experiences. Then take a few moments to show gratitude for that experience, and create in your mind using your powerful imagination a new picture of gratitude based of that experience. Now focus and generate joy based on your gratitude of that wonderful experience. You could find that your life is richer than you may realise. You might find that you have a greater vast vault of wonderful things that you can be truly grateful for.

What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.

MGA Brown (c) 15 July 2013

Gratitude a Key of Keys

If anyone knows about the importance of gratitude, I can certainly say a few things. After nearly losing my life to a stroke which paralysed the right side of my body, I learnt the importance of gratitude after learning the determination to win back my health. After also watching my business crumble to the point of no return, and living on no income, I can definitely comment on the importance of gratitude. If you lose nearly everything, but have a passionate desire to come back, then you have more than what it takes to find success in your life. Life’s greatest battle, could be said to be an internal battle, so how can you win this battle, and be filled with gratitude?

The power to Come Back

One of the hardest battles in life could be said is the battle to come back. If you look at most of the successful people in this life you could find that they have an important quality in common, this is the strong desire to come back after suffering heavy attacks by the situations of life. The desire and will to get back up after life has knock you down is something that is a powerful driver for those who have come back after taking the knock down punches of life. To get back up after life has knocked you down will mean you will need to be determined to succeed, and you will need to be willing to get back up. Life can give you some of the hardest blows but your mind is powerful, and once you lock it into action you can make it back from the setbacks in life. The way that you view a situation can be said to be one of the most important keys to how you will react. The idea of being grateful for the good things in your life could be a start that can get you in the direction you need to go to. The idea of being grateful for things everyday, could be the new way of thinking that may assist you in seeing life in new ways. And a change in attitude based on gratitude could be the catalyst that could drive you towards the better things that you desire in your life.

Using the Key

There are people who do not achieve their desire in life because they refuse to use the key. Indeed if you look at the idea of a key you will see that the only way to enter a doorway is by using the correct key. Many people may fail to unlock the door because they are using the incorrect key. The correct key could be thought of as the key that other successful people have used. So an interesting question could be are you using the correct key? And is gratitude the key that you should be using? What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.

MGA Brown (c) 17 July 2013.

What It Means to Be Mentally Agile

Effort and Disciplined Exercise

The idea of being healthy and fit is something that is of great importance, and agility is something that a fit person could possess. But to be agile and to remain agile could be thought to take regular effort and disciplined exercise. The need of commitment would also be high up on the list of things that needed doing. So to be physically agile requires qualities, so the same could be thought of in the field of mental agility.

The means of making your mind agile

You could consider a mind that is agile as having the ability to be mentally flexible, and able to do things that normally would be difficult. Indeed just as with physical agility, mental agility could require exercise on a regular basis. So what are the exercises that could be needed to allow you to be mentally agile. And how much exercise would be needed to stay in a mentally agile state? One of the things that could be considered as a means of keeping and getting the mind agile could be study. Indeed it has been noted that people who tend to be successful in life would tend to have a habit of Life Long Learning. It has been said that if a person stops getting exercise then they could start to become unhealthy. So by the same rule if a person stops studying they could also suffer adverse conditions. Thus the idea of regular exercise could be one of the keys in finding mental agility.

The Idea of Life Long Learning

Exercising your mind by regular study could be one of the most important things in your life. Indeed doing a reasonable amount of regular study could make the difference between a healthy mind and a troubled mind. The idea of learning new skills could be the breath of fresh air that could give your life the boost that you need. So what are the things that you have thought about learning that you have not yet started, indeed think of the benefits of having a mentally agile mind. The fact is you could indeed have a great mind and you may always have had the capacity to achieve bigger and greater things. So by exercising your mind through study may be the thing that is needed to allow you to achieve a greater level of mental agility. What are the other tools that can allow you to become more mentally agile, and how can you use them?

The Idea of Concentration

The need to focus on a given task, could be thought of as a very important ability to have, if you consider that in most areas of life concentration is required. Indeed the ability to concentrate and focus your attention could be a very powerful and useful attribute to master. It has been said that the ability can be achieved through the practice of meditation. King David the father of the great King Solomon often spoke about meditation and how he spent time meditating. And many people who have found success in life have spoken of the benefits of meditating. So could meditation be one of the exercises that allows you to improve your concentration and become more mentally agile – Thoughts To Make You Think.

M G A Brown © 5 November 2011

MGA Brown is the Author of “The Art of Gratitude”